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Amazing Nonstick Cooking with Scanpan

Ages 18 and Older
In this class you'll unlock the secrets of the amazing Scanpan CTX 9.5-inch skillet. Our chef instructor will introduce you to the skillet's unique metal utensil-safe cooking surface, which lets you do many things you can't do with traditional nonstick skillets, like browning, searing and deglazing.

Since this restaurant-grade skillet requires little to no fat for cooking, it also lets you enjoy a healthy meal with minimal cleanup. Your instructor will cover all the tips and techniques you need to take full advantage of all that this innovative skillet has to offer.

Included with the class price is an 9.5-inch Scanpan CTX skillet (a $175 value), so you can bring home all that you learned and recreate these fantastic dishes for your family and friends.

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