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2-Day Baking Workshop: 'The Perfect Crumb'

Ages 18 and Older
Intimidated by the mere thought of baking? Join us to earn your confidence and experience the joy of baking a beautiful cake. In this 2 day class you will learn a variety of mixing and baking techniques, and in particular, how to achieve “the perfect crumb.” Learn techniques for mixing some classics, including a genoise, chiffon, bundt, cheesecake and a wonderfully moist carrot cake. We’ll cover the basics of creating cake structure, including leavening agents, folding technique, and the importance of precise ratios between dry and liquid ingredients. Finally, we’ll learn how to finish and plate the perfect cake. A small portion of the class will cover fillings, frostings, buttercream and coulis, but the focus of this class is perfecting the cake itself, not the decoration.

Times and Locations:2-Day Baking Workshop: 'The Perfect Crumb'