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Jolly Cake Pops

Ages 14 and Older
Cake pops are the irresistible mini treats that have appeared on TV and taken the country by storm. In this class you'll learn how to turn ordinary cake or brownies into an adorable and completely customizable collection of little creations with just a few piping tips, melted chocolate and some well-placed decorations.

We’ll spend the majority of class time showing you how to prepare the perfect pops—all the necessary basics for cake and cupcake pops, then the remainder on how to decorate them just right. Our instructor will share easy do-ahead tips to keep you organized and stress-free, troubleshooting advice, and decorating ideas that will get you started on personalizing your own cake pops at home.

*Please note: This is a decorating class, not a baking class. Pops will be baked prior to class.

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