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Cooking 1.0 Three-Part Series: Stocks Sauces & Soups

Ages 18 and Older
Good cooking starts with the right skills, the right tools, and a little help from Sur La Table. These three concise, hands-on classes will help you make sense of the kitchen and get on the road to delicious meals.

Day I: Stocks- Master one of the cook's most important secrets and get familiar with the ingredients required to make the perfect stock.

Day II: Sauces-A good repertoire of sauces can help you add complexity to your dishes, color to your presentations and smiles to your guests' faces. In this class you'll not only learn how to make a great sauce, but how to pair them with various dishes.

Day III: SoupsA properly prepared soup or stew is for some the perfect dish. Great for entertaining or busy family lunches, soups and stews store and freeze well without losing flavors. Plus, they are an economical way to stretch your dollar since you can make inexpensive cuts of meat taste wonderful. We'll show you how.

Times and Locations:Cooking 1.0 Three-Part Series: Stocks Sauces & Soups