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Learn to Cook: The Basics - Three Part Series

Ages 18 and Older
If you get frustrated in the kitchen and resort to take out food more often than you'd like, this cooking class series is for you. Anyone can cook--the ability to cook "from scratch" is not only extremely rewarding but a talent that everyone can learn. In this class, we'll teach you the basics: how to hold and properly use a chef's knife, how to make your own vinaigrette (no more bottled salad dressings), how to roast, sauté, stir fry, and more. You’ll soon see that there is nothing magical about cooking; just good, basic techniques, fresh ingredients, a little help from Sur La Table and some practice.

Class is available as the 3-part series only. No single day enrollments.

Times and Locations:Learn to Cook: The Basics - Three Part Series