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The Smitten Kitchen with Deb Perelman

Ages 16 and Older
Please join us as we welcome Deb Perelman, founder of the award-winning blog, Smitten Kitchen. to the Sur La Table kitchen! In this special demonstration-style class, Deb will share several of her favorite recipes from her IACP award winning book: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. And as she cooks, Deb will talk about her experiences as a blogger and what lead her to this amazing career in the first place.

About Deb Perelman
Deb founded her award-winning blog, Smitten Kitchen, on the premise that cooking should be a pleasure, and that the results of your labor can—and should—be delicious, every time. Deb is a firm believer that there are no bad cooks, just bad recipes. She has dedicated herself to creating and finding the best of the best and adapting the recipes for the everyday cook.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is all about approachable, uncompromised home cooking. These are recipes you’ll bookmark and use so often they become your own, recipes you’ll slip to a friend who wants to impress her new in-laws, and recipes with simple ingredients that yield amazing results in a minimum amount of time. From salads and slaws that make perfect side dishes (or a full meal) to savory tarts and galettes; from Mushroom Bourguignon to Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake, Deb knows just the thing for a Tuesday night, or your most special occasion. To learn more, please visit

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