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Be Your Own Barista

Ages 18 and Older
Learn to 'Be Your Own Barista' and create the perfect coffee at home. Led by illycaffè’s Master Barista, Giorgio Milos, who brings to you over 20 years of coffee expertise, our intimate, hands-on class will explore the origin of coffee, different flavor profiles, and the critical science and chemistry behind creating the perfect cup. Join in the expert preparation of both espresso and steamed milk as you create your favorite coffee specialty drinks. Take back to your kitchen a wealth of delicious recipes, a newfound confidence, and a seriously awesome caffeine buzz.

About the Instructor -- Giorgio Milos
For Giorgio Milos, being a barista means more than pulling the perfect espresso shot, or fashioning delicate art from silky foam. For sure, sound mechanics are a must; a full repertoire of bar skills, honed over time. And a little showmanship never hurts.

But for Giorgio—a Specialty Coffee Association of Europe-certified Trainer and Master Barista, Italian Barista Champion and top World Barista Championship contender, and now illy’s North American Barista in Residence—a barista’s work is quite literally rooted in deeper soil. It starts with understanding how coffee grows, then applying a scientist’s curiosity to the complex chain of chemical reactions and variables that conspire to create quality and pleasure in the cup.

So it stands to reason that Giorgio is on faculty at illy’s Università del Caffè, the international coffee education program widely acknowledged as the industry’s most comprehensive, with a student body spanning farmers on four continents through executives from fine hospitality’s highest rungs. Giorgio teaches coffee’s history, agronomy, chemistry, processing and production, alongside intensive, hands-on coffee preparation.

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