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Sur La Table Pro Ceramic Pizza Stone

Bake artisan-quality pizzas in the comfort of your own home with this professional-grade pizza stone. Cordierite stone heats efficiently for perfectly crispy crusts and features built-in handles for easy carrying. Cooked food releases easily thanks to the...Read More

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Bake artisan-quality pizzas in the comfort of your own home with this professional-grade pizza stone. Cordierite stone heats efficiently for perfectly crispy crusts and features built-in handles for easy carrying. Cooked food releases easily thanks to the glazed surface, and stone is suitable for both oven and grill use.

Specifications Show

  • Manufacturer: Charcoal Companion
  • Material: Cordierite
  • Dimensions: 17.13" x 14.51"
  • Weight: 4.46 lb.
  • Warranty: Product guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. Defects in manufacturing or materials will be repair or replaced (manufacturer’s discretion)
  • Made in China

Care & Usage Show

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant to 700°F
  • Designed for use with charcoal and gas grills
  • Not for stovetop use


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Customer Reviews

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<3 Pizza on the Grill!
I love making pizza on the grill during the hot summer months when cooking indoors is worth than death. I saw this one advertised as super heat resistant for the grill and glazed so that it's pretty much nonstick. I've already used it once and it really delivered! I can't wait for more summer pizza parties.
May 13, 2015
Mamma Mia!
I've used the stone twice in the past week based on a dough recipe from Bon Appetit. I use the stone on a charcoal grill. It requires about 6 to 7 minutes to cook a pizza. For comparison, it takes about 15 minutes in a 450F oven. The stone does a good job of simulating a wood burning pizza oven. I highly recommend the stone.
May 22, 2016
1 year ago
Durable and great oven spring
The Corderite composition provides the best protection (including thermal shock) and highest reflective properties with heat among ceramic products. It's 1/2 inch thickness (.40 inch according to manufacturer) ensures heat retention when making multiple pizzas. Unlike Steel, it absorbs moisture from steam and creates a light airy crust. My oven has 8 levels for racks. I place the pro ceramic stone on the 3rd level from bottom and preheat it at 550 f. Parchment paper on pizza peel simplifies pizza placement on stone. After 3 minutes, I remove the parchment which slides out easily. Total time for a beautiful color and crisp bottom is 5 minutes max. Oven spring from stone is amazing. After removing the pizza from the oven, I elevate the pizza on a screen for 3 minutes before serving to prevent steam. You can buy a large pizza dough from your favorite local pizzeria for less than $4. I use 12 ounces for a thin 14 inch pizza. A basic sponge with light bristles on one side cleans up any residue.
Light and crisp
Light and crisp
May 31, 2017
Best. Pizza. Ever.
Used this pizza stone on my Weber kettle grill, and it made the best pizza I have ver eaten. Seriously. I lit one chimney-full of charcoal, spread it out, and put the pizza stone on the rack with the cover on the grill until it reached about 450° measured with an infrared thermometer, then the baking began. The stone stayed at around 500° long enough to bake four large pizzas without adding any charcoal, easy-peasy. Crispy, brown crust, toppings cooked nicely, bubbly cheese, YUM! I just let the stone cool down overnight in the grill and washed it off the next morning. So glad I purchased this item!!
June 14, 2016
1 year ago
Great pizza stone
I have tried several other pizza stones on my gas grill and they either cracked or the pizza stuck..This Sur La Table Ceramic stone is smooth and awesome- my pizza came out great!
Homemade Pizza made on my new Sur La Table Ceramic Pizza stone! I love it!
Homemade Pizza made on my new Sur La Table Ceramic Pizza stone! I love it!
September 18, 2016
1 year ago
Great Value & Easy-Care
We love our new pizza stone! Our pizza baked beautifully in 10 minutes on the grill. Easy clean-up. We make pizza at least once a week so it will get a lot of use. Glad we decided to pay a little more and have a really substantial stone that will last for a long time. We highly recommend purchasing this stone.
June 29, 2016
1 year ago
Awesome Pizza!
I just recently bought the pan for my husband, who couldn't wait to try it out. I usually make pizza in the oven, but with the summer months coming, we wanted to try grilling it outside. All I can say is AWESOME! The cheese melted perfectly and the crust had this amazing crunch that my family just loved. Great purchase!
June 20, 2016
1 year ago
If you love the pizzas from a brick oven or fire oven restaurant you will never go back by making your own pizza dough, which is very easy, a great sauce and wonderful toppings. You can get so creative by making your own sauce. Invite friends or relatives over and let them get involved by putting their favorite toppings on the pizzas. You can order two or three of these pizza stones depending on the size of your grill for a variety of pizzas. Enjoy!
September 12, 2015
over 2 years ago
Love this stone
I've only had this stone a week and I have already made 8 beautiful pizzas. I see this stone just living in my oven.
January 24, 2018
1 month ago
I like it
Would buy again - have not tried it on grill yet
March 31, 2017
11 months ago

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Why did you choose this?
Sur La Table Store
good reviews for pizza on the grill
Jean-Marc C on Feb 17, 2018
useful for pizza and bread making
Brittany E on Feb 6, 2018
good reviews for pizza on the grill
Jean-Marc C on Feb 17, 2018
It was on my friend's wedding registry
Jade F on Feb 12, 2018
useful for pizza and bread making
Brittany E on Feb 6, 2018
For crispy pizza
Sonia G on Feb 5, 2018
Looking for a good size stone.
Patrick E on Jan 27, 2018
Because I viewed it at your Chicago store and I do a lot of grilling
Maria D on Jan 22, 2018
sister has one and recently used it successfully
Sharon B on Jan 10, 2018
bridal registry
Paul K on Jan 5, 2018
Read great reviews that it can work on a grill as well as in an oven.
John N on Jan 1, 2018
I've heard that a pizza stone really helps with the baking process and decided to use my gift card for this purchase.
James Y on Dec 30, 2017
have one, love it
Jean-Philippe J on Dec 27, 2017
Love to have hot pizza for dinner. Order the pizza half cooked and complete the cooking at home.
Nancy L on Dec 26, 2017
Gift registry
Anna S on Dec 20, 2017
The material was the same as offered in other pizza stones, but this one had handles, which I think will be useful on a grill
Yvette P on Dec 17, 2017
I have a thick but heavy square pizza pan that I have for 25 years. I want to try this Pro Ceramic one and see if it has the same level of durability. If it does, and since it is round and most likely lighter than the one I have, then it’s a sure winner. We’ll see...
Maria B on Dec 16, 2017
I love mine!
CJ G on Dec 15, 2017
Adequate diameter; stone is thick enough to supply heat to bottom of pizza
James I on Dec 14, 2017
Richard B on Dec 13, 2017
Buying as a gift. Like that it can be used in the oven as well as on a grill, and will bake a crust evenly.
Victor P on Dec 10, 2017
Great reviews, good rep for this company, aesthetically pleasing items. No reason not to assume it's quality...
Nathan T on Dec 10, 2017
It’s great reviews and the thickness of the stone
Jeffrey S on Dec 7, 2017
I enjoyed Pizza from the grill last year and afterwards I always wanted to get my own pizza stone
Petra S on Dec 6, 2017
it was discounted and is at sur la table
doris o on Dec 4, 2017
As a gift I try to find good quality. This piece received good reviews. I
Emily M on Nov 30, 2017
Great comments and price
DeAnn K on Nov 30, 2017
Pizza fanatics, Want to try our hand at grilling pizza, yum!
Kathleen R on Nov 28, 2017
size, quality, customer feedback
walter e on Nov 28, 2017
wedding gift
Gayle R on Nov 27, 2017
Only one in gift price range.
Beverly S on Nov 25, 2017
Christmas gift
Mary J on Nov 18, 2017
because of the high ratings for this stone
Laurie Alban H on Nov 17, 2017
need a better way to bake pizzas
laura w on Nov 16, 2017
I have one and enjoy it. Only pizza stone I have used that lasted.
Eileen M on Nov 13, 2017
gift for grand daughter
Jimmie H on Nov 13, 2017
Been looking for a quality stone for gas grill use. I read reviews before purchase and price was reasonable.
LAUREN D on Nov 11, 2017
great reviews
Heather E on Nov 11, 2017
Donna O on Oct 31, 2017
great pizza stone
Pam G on Oct 22, 2017
because we want to make pizza
Gretchen K on Aug 24, 2017
We wanted to cook pizza on the grill.
Rebecca J M on Aug 21, 2017
PAULETTE H on Aug 20, 2017
Who doesn't love pizza! Homemade, or at the least, modified frozen pizza can be the best, and I'm hoping this birthday gift will be loved and well used.
Susan E R on Aug 17, 2017
I like pizza and want to see if the crust will become crispy when baked on it.
J R on Jul 25, 2017
best review
Luzviminda G on Jul 21, 2017
Love this! I make the BEST pizza with this stone. I use it all year round...not just in the summer.
Rosa P on Jul 13, 2017
it was on the couple's registry
Mari S on Jul 5, 2017
I chose this based on the reviews and after researching the type of stone
Shawn C on Jun 27, 2017
My husband loves pizza AND grilling. This will be perfect for the hot summer months.
Nancy S on Jun 24, 2017
Want to improve on our homemade pizza crusts
T O on Jun 20, 2017
Hubby likes to grill pizza's
Davanna G on Jun 18, 2017
It was on my friend's wedding registry
Jade F on Feb 12, 2018
For crispy pizza
Sonia G on Feb 5, 2018
Do I need to preheat the pizza stone on the grill? Or do I just put the uncooked pizza on the stone, and then put the entire stone and uncooked pizza onto the grill at once?
Carol S on Apr 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You don't necessarily have to preheat the stone on the grill, but doing so will provide the best possible results for your pizza.
Now, you can put the stone onto an already hot grill, but it's best to wait until the stone itself is hot before adding the pizza to it.
Can this be used on a Big Green Egg grill?
Paula R on May 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I use it with my BGE all the time. It is like it was made for it. Works fantastic.
Does this need to be heated slowly on the grill or can you take from table to grill directly?
John S on Apr 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The ceramic they use is "thermal shock proof" so no need to heat it slowly. That being said, you want the stone to pre-heat with the grill so that it's hot when you put the pizza on it (that's what makes the crust bubble up). You can take it directly from grill-to-table for serving if you put it on something heat safe like a silicone trivet or something.
Do you need to cure the stone before use?
George R on Jan 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: no. It has non porous ceramic finish.
What is the diameter/size?
A shopper on Jul 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It is 14 1/2 inches in diameter.
Does this work in regular indoor ovens or on grills only?
Suzie S on Apr 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It works on indoor ovens as well.
Can you use a pizza cutter on this stone ?
Sheryl F on Dec 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I haven't had a problem with it scratching or chipping.
I am having trouble getting the crust brown and crisp--any suggestions?
sheila n on Feb 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Preheat the stone in the oven for at least 15 minutes before sliding on the pizza
Can this Po-ceramic stone also be used with the Breville Pizza Oven?
A shopper on May 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No. It's too large.
Has anyone used this pizza stone in the microwave for crisping veggies or leftovers?
A shopper on Aug 5, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, it won't fit in my microwave.
I just tried to make a thin crust pizza on the grill using this stone and it stuck like crazy to the bottom...I even oiled the stone before sitting the crust on top. Any pro-tips for making it come out right? I want to love this!
trisha b on Jun 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You don't have to oil the stone. You need to preheat the stone for about 15 minutes at the highest temperature your grill can get to. The pizza needs to be prepared separately and the dough dusted with flour. After you stretch the dough, put some semolina on a wooden pizza peel, place your stretched pizza dough on the pizza peel and add your topping. The pizza peel is a tool that looks like a cutting board with a handle and it is used to transfer your pizza to the hot pizza stone. You will need some practice to transfer the pizza to the hot stone and you will need to learn to dust your pizza dough with the right amount of flour to get it to not stick to the pizza peel. Also you have to work fast, the more you leave the uncooked pizza on the peel, the more likely the dough will stick. Making pizza is an art and it will take a lot of practice, believe me. I am Italian and I had to practice quite a while before I got down to make the perfect pizza.
You may want to watch some videos on how this is done. The professionals are able to prepare the whole pizza including the topping first on a counter and then place it onto the pizza peel, I find it easier to place the dough on the peel first and than add the topping, because I am not as skilled as the professionals.
How does the top get cooked? Does the cheese still get cooked and crispy? Thanks!
A shopper on Dec 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the pizza stone is fabulous! I make pizza on it all the time and the cheese gets hot and bubbly! I usually let it get a little browned as well. I haven't used it on our barbecue grill yet but the oven does the job beautifully. One suggestion. I heat up the stone in the oven while making the pizza. It makes for a crisper crust.
Can you use this with frozen pizza?
S C on Mar 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes that is all I use mine for.
Thickness? Can you cut pizza on it?
A shopper on May 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It is 7/16th of an inch thick. You can cut pizza on it, but you may may scar the surface and I'd be concerned (possibly for no good reason) that pressure from a pizza cutter on a very hot ceramic surface might risk breaking it. I transfer my pizza from the stone after it has baked, and cut it on a different surface, just to be safe.
can you use this in a gas pizza oven ?
Romina A on May 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely. Works great both in the oven and the grill. Great product.
Is this oven safe, or intended only for the outdoor grill?
A shopper on Feb 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I use it in the oven (450)all the time. I preheat it in the oven before putting the pizza on it.
The instructions on the stone label says you can put the stone on the grill when the stone is cold, now I read otherwise in the question & answers?
lauretta c on Jun 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I use n my grill which gets very hot. I put it into the cold grill when preheating. Never in an already very hot grill. I believe it could crack of you put a (relatively) Cold ceramic onto a hot grill...and why take a chance?
Is the stone broil safe?
Taylor A on Feb 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have not used it under a broiler, but I have placed it on my Weber grill and fired it up to over 700 degrees.
whats the best way to keep the stone clean and kept....does it need any type of seasoning?
A shopper on Jan 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I use cornmeal on the peel when I slide the pizza on the stone. This helps prevent any sticking and makes it easy to remove pizza when cooked. I let the stone cool and remove anything sticking with a plastic scraper. Besides that, I rinse it under water w/o soap if it needs it.
When using the oven, how high should the temperature be and for how long?
A shopper on Dec 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have used it between 380 and 450. I keep it for about 15 minutes after oven reaches the set heat before putting the pizza on top of it, to make sure its hot enough
Can this pizza stone be used on a charcoal grill?
Greg J on Jul 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: CARE & USAGE Dishwasher safeHeat resistant to 700°FDesigned for use with charcoal and gas grillsNot for stovetop useer to this question.


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