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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Years of research have resulted in a technological breakthrough in coffee making: air-pressure, total-immersion brewing. Air-pressure, total-immersion brewing shortens filtering time to about 20 seconds, avoiding the bitterness of slow processes like drip...Read More

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Robust extraction in about 20 seconds.


Years of research have resulted in a technological breakthrough in coffee making: air-pressure, total-immersion brewing. Air-pressure, total-immersion brewing shortens filtering time to about 20 seconds, avoiding the bitterness of slow processes like drip brewing or the French press.

Total immersion of the grounds in the water results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor at the ideal temperature, for a smooth but amazingly rich taste. Air pressure also gently squeezes the last goodness from the grounds, further enriching flavor. The AeroPress® makes one to three cups of coffee or espresso in about a minute.

Features Hide

  • Patented air-pressure, total-immersion method yields smooth, rich flavor without bitterness
  • Makes delicious fresh-pressed coffee in about a minute
  • Yields coffee less than 1/5 as acidic as drip brew (easier on the tummy)
  • Micro-filter prevents grit from seeping into your cup
  • Make up to three cups with one pressing
  • Designed by an accomplished scientist and inventor and quality tested by coffee experts
  • Includes 350 AeroPress Micro-filters

Specifications Show

  • Manufacturer: Aerobie
  • Capacity: Yields 1–4 cups
  • Made in the USA
  • Care & Usage Show

  • Hand wash
  • NEED HELP DECIDING? | Send us an email | Call us at 800-243-0852
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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 / 5.0
    8 Reviews
    5 Stars
    4 Stars
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    1 Stars
    After working in coffee shops for multiple years, I have become somewhat of a coffee snob... The Aeropress has given be cafe style espresso at home, for a fraction of the price. It creates the same smooth, freshly roasted taste that a $10,000 espresso machine would. I would definitely recommend this product to any coffee lover
    June 11, 2011
    So... I've recently began drinking coffee. I love the vietnamese coffee, and I use a coffee phin to brew it. When using the coffee phin you tend to get grounds in your coffee. But with the AeroPress no grounds and the same amazing flavor! It's very simple to use and the clean up easy
    February 14, 2012
    Perfect Cuppa
    We love our Aero Press, use it everyday and find it's hard to make a bad cup of coffee with this little gadget.
    I try to get my bean grind perfect, but even when I know it isn't, I still get a delicious mug of coffee.
    In our small kitchen it is perfect. It takes up no counter space. It is a breeze to wash. One pack of filters will last a very long time, when you do need more they are inexpensive & easily ordered online or found in most kitchen supply stores.
    If you are like us, and only need one or two cups a day, you will love the Aero Press
    October 28, 2013
    BEST espresso I've made at home...for the price
    My good friend, who is also a super coffee snob, brought one of these while staying at our house last week...and my family fell in love with the results of his latte making with it!
    I'm going to buy one for all of my friends who travel ....and one for us
    October 22, 2012
    Fast and easy
    We have used one for about three years. We even take it travelling. Simple to use, fast and also very quick to clean. Expel the puck, rinse under the tap, that's it. It seems to work best with two shots, though I will usually make three. We have a countertop hot water dispenser for instant hot water. Two large Americanos from grind to cup in about three minutes (two presses of two to three shots each). Pod coffee doesnt even come close, except for nespresso, but the cost difference is crazy. Try this, you will be very surprised!
    December 19, 2016
    Best Coffee Ever
    This is our second AeroPress Espresso Maker, and we have given them as gifts several times as well. It's perfect for our household with only one coffee drinker, but does a yeoman's work when we've got company and need to make multiple coffees. It cleans easily, sits on our counter nicely, and is compact for any kind of travel, be it camping or vacation in Europe--we've taken the AeroPress on all our travels.
    January 10, 2017
    1 year ago
    Our friends had one and we were so impressed we order one for ourselves and and thrilled. Goodbye French press.
    September 16, 2016
    1 year ago
    learning to use it correctly!
    Still adjusting to how much coffee to use. Also wonder about how fast and hard to push the plunger. It is becoming easier and easier to uswe!
    January 22, 2017
    1 year ago

    Questions & Answers

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    Why did you choose this?
    Sur La Table Store
    Daughter got one for Christmas and loves it , I decided to get one for travel.
    Michelle M on Dec 29, 2017
    It came by request as a gift
    Don H on Dec 10, 2017
    Daughter got one for Christmas and loves it , I decided to get one for travel.
    Michelle M on Dec 29, 2017
    need replacement
    Diane D on Dec 26, 2017
    It came by request as a gift
    Don H on Dec 10, 2017
    christmas present
    Nicole G on Nov 13, 2017
    Needed to replace my old one.
    Mary D on Nov 6, 2017
    LOVE this coffee making device. This is our second AeroPress. We roast our own beans about 3 days before we brew, grind the beans immediately before use and love the ease and speed of this brewer. It makes an excellent cup of espresso style coffee.
    Katherine W on Sep 28, 2017
    I like coffee. Simple enough.
    Laurel D on May 1, 2017
    Great coffee maker, especially when you're traveling.
    Callie N on Mar 4, 2017
    Recommended by a friend.
    Maggie H on Jan 4, 2017
    Christmas Gift on son's wish list
    Tracy L on Dec 20, 2016
    Have one and love it
    Charles B on Dec 19, 2016
    We have one and love it. Purchased as a Christmas gift for another person.
    Sunshine T on Dec 19, 2016
    cool device
    Kenneth S on Dec 19, 2016
    Boyfriend wanted it for chirstmas, stated it had the best reviews.
    Brittany P on Dec 17, 2016
    This was highly recommend by a friend. She says it makes a delicious cup of coffee!
    kirby M on Dec 17, 2016
    Marek P on Dec 15, 2016
    Because it makes the best coffee!
    Jacqueline A on Nov 26, 2016
    recipient asked specifically for it
    Dennis H on Nov 25, 2016
    recommendation from my son
    Mary T on Nov 7, 2016
    Gift for Hubby
    DEBRA M on Nov 3, 2016
    our friends have one and the coffee was better than our french press.
    Debra R on Aug 26, 2016
    nuanced, clean coffee flavors; good for small space and travel, inexpensive
    Danielle B on Aug 18, 2016
    I love the taste of french press but hate the messy clean up
    Owen S on Aug 9, 2016
    tried it at my aunt's house; delicious
    Elizabeth A on Feb 12, 2016
    Makes great coffee, quick and easy
    Barbara S on Jan 23, 2016
    Great reviews online, and I needed a good way to make quality coffee at home
    Matthew S on Dec 16, 2015
    A family member brought this over for my husband to try and he LOVED it!
    Barbara G on Dec 6, 2015
    I've always wanted to try the AeroPress, and was happy to see it on sale. My friends rave about it.
    Jessica I on Oct 26, 2015
    Have heard raves aout the Aeropress.
    Judie B on Oct 5, 2015
    I have been researching an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to my Keurig coffee maker which is very eco-unfriendly and while convenient, makes mediocre coffee. I first saw this in the window of a shop in Telluride this summer, and when I mentioned it to my favorite barista back in Houston, he said that this is what he uses at home. So I decided to try it, and will let my barista grind small amounts of coffee for me until I'm completely sold and decide to buy a grinder to grind my own coffee.
    Susan N on Oct 2, 2015
    I have owned an AeroPress for 4 years plus. Use it almost every day and love it. It seems like the rubber seal on the plunger is wearing out. Nothing lasts forever but this has served me well.
    Vickie O on Aug 4, 2015
    A friend has one and the coffee is great!
    Linda L on Jul 25, 2015
    I have one and LOVE it!!!
    mary o on Jun 16, 2015
    makes excellent coffee, and does it very quickly and conveniently, especially if you live alone--one cup at a time. then super easy cleanup. whole process takes only seconds longer than it takes to boil the kettle. they don't last forever; this is my second. when it gets cranky, i'll buy a third.
    dathilacha on Feb 16, 2015
    Niece and Her husband purchased one to replace their French Press. They love it so I am giving it a try.
    John P on Jan 7, 2015
    fast, easy and reliable.
    Don S on Jan 7, 2015
    Husband asked for it for Christmas!
    Alba A on Dec 20, 2014
    ALEXANDRINA B on Dec 17, 2014
    Taste, convenience.
    Cory N Staff on Dec 17, 2014
    Makes great coffee. My mom has this espresso maker
    Karen E on Dec 16, 2014
    its a gift for my son....he requested it
    Pamela H S on Dec 15, 2014
    Gift list request
    Joanna D on Dec 5, 2014
    Because I gave my other one to my daughter.
    Wendy W on Dec 4, 2014
    I like Expresso
    Alvin R D on Nov 28, 2014
    I just read a comparison of espresso makers that it won hands down, against a very, very expensive JURA maker. Simple gadget, simple use, great results.
    Gayle C on Nov 12, 2014
    After reading the bio of the developer, I thought it was interesting he applied his scientific background and curiosity into making the best espresso maker he could.
    Stevee S on Nov 7, 2014
    this looks like the perfect thing for my afternoon cup. I'll report back after trying it out.
    Peter E on Aug 12, 2014
    need replacement
    Diane D on Dec 26, 2017
    christmas present
    Nicole G on Nov 13, 2017
    How easy is it to clean?

    I like the idea of this, but my question is how easy is it to clean? Do the compressed grounds pop out like a disc, or do you have to dig the grounds and microfilter out in order to clean it
    A shopper on Sep 10, 2013
    BEST ANSWER: It's actually very easy to clean. After you have brewed your coffee, you simply remove the cap and push down on the plunger to eject the coffee puck into the trash or compost. For best results, remove the puck immediately after brewing.After that, rinse or brush away any grounds left in the rubber seal. The seal will have already wiped the chamber clean, so no further wiping is needed
    How does this differ from the French Press?
    A shopper on Jan 20, 2013
    BEST ANSWER: With this, the water is only in contact with the grind for as long as it takes to stir the grinds in the press, about ten seconds. With french press, the coffee steeps, so more of the compounds in the coffee are extracted. That includes caffeine as well as other things that add to the bitterness. With this, the coffee is pressed through like an espresso machine, followed by some air. Though technically espresso, we use regular grind coffee and it works well. We then add water for americano.


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