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Mixing Bowls and Food Prep Bowls

Any home cook or professional chef will attest that the right mixing bowls and prep bowls are essential for creating delicious dishes in their kitchens. Mixing bowls are available in a wide variety of materials that are suitable for different types of food preparation, including stainless steel, glass, ceramic mixing bowls, copper and more. When it comes to mixing bowls, not all materials are the same. But how do you know what kind of mixing bowl material is right for your needs? Let Sur La Table guide you and help you find the right product!

Bowls and Bowl Set Materials

The reactive metal material construction in some mixing bowls, such as cast iron, copper or aluminum, may work well for some food preparation and not for others. For example, copper is a highly reactive metal that might not be the best when preparing highly acidic foods; however, they’re ideal when you’re whipping up some egg whites for a meringue, cream or an egg souffle. Glass, melamine and ceramic mixing bowls are great for acidic foods because they do not transfer tastes. Plastic and some metals may stain when you’re preparing certain foods like beets, marinades and berries. The trick to choosing the right mixing bowl set is to take your foods, their tendency to stain and their acidity into account when reaching for a mixing bowl.

Beautiful, Functional Premium Products

Shop a wide range of Sur La Table mixing bowls in this section to find the right product for your needs. You’ll appreciate the high sides that reduce splashing and spilling when you’re using a hand mixer or an immersion blender. We also carry mixing bowls that include lids that allow you to prepare and store your foods safely until they’re needed. Additionally, many of our mixing bowls are pretty enough to go from your kitchen prep area to the dining room table as attractive serving bowls.

Whatever you're looking for in a mixing bowl or a mixing bowl set, Sur La Table is sure to deliver! Shop here for the top manufacturers of kitchen products, including All-Clad, Le Creuset, Hestan and Mason Cash.