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Wow friends and family with fun, handmade treats made easy with Wilton tools and toppings. What will you create?

Make baking a cake just as enjoyable as eating it when you use Wilton products from Sur La Table. This brand is known for its innovative, yet easy-to-use baking tools that help you have fun in the kitchen. Made from high-quality materials and featuring fun, colorful designs, Wilton baking tools make following your favorite recipes even more exciting. Browse through our full collection to find the best products from this trusted bakeware brand.

How to Make Cakes for Special Occasions

Are you celebrating something special? If so, a cake is just what you need to mark the occasion. Rather than shelling out for a generic cake from the store, you can make your own cake at home using Wilton bakeware. This collection includes some of the most important equipment and tools you’ll need to create delicious homemade cakes. Get a Wilton springform pan and cake leveler for a perfectly shaped cake. If you prefer bite-sized snacks, opt for tasty cupcakes using Wilton paper baking cups. These durable products will last through years of baking adventures, allowing you to create cakes for all kinds of milestone moments, including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more.

Cake Decorating Tips

Turn your cakes or cupcakes into works of art with the help of Wilton cake decorating tools. This brand is known as one of the best choices for putting a personal spin on your baked treats. You’ll discover a variety of inspiring options for bringing out the best in every cake. Start with a cake spatula for applying frosting like a pro. Then, use various frosting tips and decorating bags to apply extra embellishments and add a personalized message. Wilton also makes high-quality decorating sets with everything you need to achieve a stylish look. Explore your abilities as a home baker with these Wilton bakeware products from Sur La Table.