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When coffee is an essential part of your day, it’s important to make sure every cup is as delicious as possible. Why waste time brewing bland coffee that you'll just pour down the drain, when you could have a perfectly crafted cup time and time again? With these featured coffee and tea products from Sur La Table, you can ensure you get the very best quality with every brew. Featuring some of the most popular products from top brands, this collection narrows down our wide selection of options to the top picks to consider. If you’re ready to rethink the way you get your daily caffeine fix, it’s time to check out these coffee and tea essentials.

Homemade Coffee Customized for You

For decades, the standard drip coffee maker was a staple in nearly every home, but as technology has advanced and consumer tastes have become more demanding, the traditional cup of coffee from the communal pot has become much less enticing. Today, coffee drinkers want something with more flavor to suit their tastes. That’s why it’s time to update your kitchen’s small appliance selection with a personal coffee maker from our collection. You’ll love that these machines make it possible to turn your kitchen into your own personal coffee shop. At the touch of a button, you can whip up barista-quality drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and more. Single-serve coffee makers also help cut back on waste and give you a personalized cup of joe every time. With a variety of models and price points, there’s a fit for everyone with a coffee habit.

Top Tea and Coffee Brands

When it comes to tea and coffee, our selection of products is just as impressive as what you’ve come to expect from Sur La Table. Among the featured products here, you’ll find top brands like Jura, known for its coffee makers and accessories made with exceptional materials and precision engineering. You can craft a delicious drink without ever having to step outside your kitchen again. As you discover just how delicious at-home coffee and tea can be, you’ll save money on fewer coffee shop visits and enjoy experimenting with new flavors and beverages.