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Give your tea-making routine an easy upgrade with a new kettle or teapot from Sur La Table. These handy kitchen gadgets offer an easy way to get your tea made in a jiff. Whether you want a classic whistling teakettle that can sit out on your stove or a convenient electric kettle that rapidly heats your water, you’ll find a great product in this collection. We offer teakettles, pots and other tea accessories from some of the most trusted brands, ensuring that you get quality, reliable performance for years to come. Learn more about our selection of kettles and teapots to find out which product is right for you.

Electric Teakettles vs. Stovetop Teakettles

Not sure what type of teakettle is right for you? Consider some of the benefits of each one to determine which you prefer. With electric teakettles, an automatic shut off allows you to safely heat less water without worrying about burning your teapot. Electric kettles also provide settings for temperature control and can be used in other areas besides the kitchen, like at your desk at work. Stovetop kettles also have their benefits, however. Many people enjoy the ritual of using a classic kettle, including the whistle as the steam starts to escape. It can boil water to a higher temperature than most electric kettles. Stovetop teakettles are usually more affordable as well and work in settings without electricity, like camping.

The Best Teakettle Brands

It’s clear that both electric and stovetop kettles each have unique advantages. But which brand should you buy? There are plenty of great options at Sur La Table, including durable, colorful ceramic kettles by Le Creuset. The stainless steel design of an All-Clad kettle is great for a more contemporary look. If you want some of the most advanced features and innovative capabilities, you can get a Breville teakettle. These and other popular kitchen brands are available when you shop at Sur La Table for tea necessities.

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