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Demeyere—A Tradition of Excellence and Innovation

Since 1908, Demeyere has evolved from a small Belgian family business into a leading worldwide manufacturer of stainless steel cookware. Always with an eye to improvement and innovation, Demeyere is credited as the first cookware manufacturer to develop induction cookware in the 1970s.

The Industry5 Collection from Demeyere features durable clad construction with five-ply, 3mm-thick aluminum and an aluminum-alloy core, ensuring fast and even heat distribution. Crafted using shiny 18/10 stainless steel with a magnetic exterior, these cooking vessels offer versatility for use on any heat source, including induction cooktops.

Industry5 also employs Demeyere’s proprietary Silvinox® finish, developed to keep the stainless steel exterior of this cookware its beautiful silver-white color. The Silvinox® process involves a series of electrochemical treatments that remove surface iron and impurities, the main causes of cookware discoloration over time. Silvinox®-finished Industry5 cookware also resists discoloration from fingerprints and heat, even at temperatures over 500°F.

In Demand by Cooking Enthusiasts the World Over

In addition to all the above advantages, Industry5 adds numerous chef-friendly details to the design of this cookware. For example, the stay-cool handles are made of shot-blasted stainless steel to yield a firm, comfortable grip. Secured by welding, the handles demonstrate superior durability and hygiene, as they prevent accumulation of food and grease.

With Industry5’s spill-proof pouring rims and easy cleanup, it’s no wonder this collection is in demand by professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts the world over.

x 2 stars & up x Stainless Steel