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Only at SLT GreenPan Craft Noire. Transform your cooking with GreenPan's most advanced ceramic nonstick yet.
Ceramic Nonstick GreenPan Cookware

If you’re a seasoned chef, you may know that there are many benefits to cooking with ceramic. In short, it’s excellent at conducting heat and is made of natural, eco-friendly materials. What’s not to love? Actually, there’s a downside: ceramic on its own is not naturally nonstick, and many ceramic nonstick brands use a silicone-based finish that may contain toxins that release when overheated. But Belgian cookware brand GreenPan is here to solve that problem with ceramic cookware coated with a nonstick coating called Thermolon, which is derived from sand and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals like PFOA or PFAS. Amazing, right?

Find Your Natural yet High-Tech GreenPan Cookware Set

Sur La Table is happy to offer a broad assortment of GreenPan cookware made with natural materials. Each one features a reinforced surface that offers exceptional strength and scratch resistance, plus a hard anodized exterior to keep it in great shape meal after meal. Additionally, GreenPan cookware is induction-friendly and features an energy saving base that uses Magneto™ induction technology. You’ll be able to safely handle food and move pans from stovetop to oven thanks to the oven safe, stainless steel handles.

Read the instructions on your GreenPan to see how hot it can get. Stainless steel is oven-safe up to any temperature, while handles made with silicone and Bakelite components shouldn’t go past 428 and 356 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of ceramic nonstick cookware by GreenPan to suit your needs. The GreenPan Diamond + Evershine line was made exclusively for Sur La Table and features metal-utensil safe, 100 percent non-toxic ceramic coating with Evershine technology to add heat resistance to the stainless steel body and handles. If you prefer the versatility and performance of traditional cast iron without all the frustration, we recommend selecting pieces from the GreenPan SimmerLite collection, which features a cast aluminum construction that’s 50 percent lighter than cast iron and is dishwasher safe. Be sure to explore our entire GreenPan selection to discover cookware tailored to your budget and preferences.