Revol Arborescence

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Embrace a timeless look for your dinner table with Revol Arborescence dinnerware. This stunning collection from the famous French brand combines the elegant simplicity of porcelain with long-lasting durability. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted to accent every meal with subtle color and style. In the Revol Arborescence collection, you’ll find a variety of distinctive designs that can act as unique works of art on your table.

French Porcelain Dinnerware

This dinnerware collection from Revol features designs inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Plates, bowls, platters and more feature a variety of textured patterns with fine details. Because these pieces are finished by hand, each one is truly one of a kind. In addition to the lovely, rustic appearance, the Revol Arborescence collection also features durable construction. This dinnerware is made using food-safe porcelain and is free of cadmium and lead. It’s highly resistant to thermal shock, which means you can transfer it directly from the freezer to the oven or microwave without worries. It’s also resistant to stains, scratches and chips and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

Mix and Match for a Custom Set

If you’ve fallen in love with the stylish textures of the Revol Arborescence dinnerware collection, it’s time to put together your own personalized set. These pieces come in neutral colors that complement any tabletop decor, and you can mix and match different tones to create a custom set with subtle contrasts. Choose from dinner plates, bowls, serving platters and more to put together your ideal dinnerware set. It’s an easy and fun way to freshen up your mealtime experiences and provide the perfect setting for every meal you serve at home. Whether you choose the Arborescence collection or other styles of Revol dinnerware, you’ll get exceptional quality with the timeless style of French porcelain.