Italians Do It Better brand pasta and sauces
The name says it all: authentic flavor made from 100% natural and preservative-free ingredients. Mangia bene!
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Make delicious homemade meals with fantastic flavors by adding Italians Do It Better sauces from Sur La Table. This company makes classic Italian products with authentic flavors you’ll love. With their fresh ingredients and flavorful recipes, you’ll be able to make some of the best pastas and pizzas you’ve ever tasted in your very own kitchen. Lovers of Italian food will quickly become devoted fans of this brand from the very first bite. Learn more about what makes Italians Do It Better sauces so delicious and get ideas for incorporating these pantry ingredients into your own recipes.

The Best Italian Ingredients

Italians Do It Better takes great care to make sure their sauces are as flavorful and authentic as possible. Their sauces are made in the Piedmont region of Italy using seasonal Italian tomatoes. All the ingredients in their sauces are 100% natural and preservative-free, and no sugar, artificial flavors or colors are ever added. Those fresh, premium ingredients deliver robust flavors in every bite. Just a small amount of sauce can instantly transform a dish. Each sauce has its own distinctive taste with hints of olives, chili peppers, basil or sun-dried tomatoes mixed in. Once you’ve tried one type of Italians Do It Better sauce, you’ll definitely want to try them all to experience these unique flavor profiles.

Ideas for Using Italian Sauces

The most common use for Italians Do It Better sauces is to incorporate them into pasta dishes, delivering fresh and hearty flavors of authentic homemade pasta sauces without the hassle. However, that’s only the beginning of the many ways in which these tomato sauces can be used in your home-cooked meals. Spread on bruschetta, use it for dipping breadsticks, marinate your meats before cooking—you can even use it as a sauce for homemade pizza. Make your Italian meals truly memorable with a little help from these delicious sauces and condiments at Sur La Table.