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Cleaning and washing up can become a little more fun when you use soaps and lotions from Sur La Table. Our line of hand soaps and hand lotions is designed to keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. We also offer our own dish soaps that effectively wash off crumbs and grease while treating your dishes with care. And with handy refills, it’s easy to stay stocked up on these essential home products.

The Best Kitchen Soap and Lotion Set

It’s important to keep your hands clean, but certain types of soaps can easily make your hands feel dry or irritated. For a better experience and peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness, choose the Sur La Table hand soap and lotion set for kitchens. With soothing organic aloe, shea butter and olive oil, these never dry out your hands. But even so, you’ll still love following up with our Sur La Table hand lotion that’s free of parabens and chlorine. Both products come in light, lovely scents like pink grapefruit, olive coriander and rose petal. Our attractive kitchen soap and lotion dispensers look great on your countertop, too.

Dish Soaps with Unique Fragrances

Washing the dishes with subpar soap seems like it takes forever. To cut down on scrubbing, choose Sur La Table dish soaps instead. The high-quality formula cuts through grease easily to get your dishes nice and clean in no time. They’re safe to use on your quality pots and pans as well. And like our hand soaps and lotions, you’ll also get to pick from a variety of beautiful scents.