Strainers & Colanders

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Get a delicious meal on the table with a little help from these Sur La Table strainers and colanders. Whether you need to rinse off your ingredients or drain some freshly cooked pasta, these kitchen tools are sure to come in handy quite often. Learn more about what types of features you may want to look for to help in your search for the best colander or strainer.

The Difference Between Strainers and Colanders

Typically, the term “strainer” is used to refer to a tool that filters liquids. Also called a sieve strainer, these devices typically have a fine mesh that separates particles out to create especially smooth sauces and broths. They tend to have a slightly smaller, shallower size than a colander, and many handheld strainers feature one long, narrow handle. Colanders are large and are primarily used for rinsing and draining purposes. They have wider holes rather than a fine mesh and usually have a small handle on each side. For more information, read our blog post about Colanders vs. Strainers.

The Best Colander Features to Look For

If durability is a key factor in your choice, consider choosing a stainless steel colander or strainer. Silicone pieces are another great option, and they’re easy to clean. Collapsible colanders are a popular choice for those who are short on storage space. Choosing a colander or strainer from a top name brand is always a smart choice. Our collection at Sur La Table features products from Rösle, All-Clad, OXO and other respected names in the culinary industry.