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Caring for Your Wüsthof Knives

Keeping your Wüsthof knives sharp is important, since compensating for a dull blade by using greater force can be unsafe. Wusthof has created their own sharpening accessories, custom-designed for their knife lines.

Depending on how often you use your knives, they should be sharpened periodically. Polish your knives after each use with a honing rod, thereby reducing any additional friction which might compromise their performance.

Sharpen your knives as needed, but don’t over-sharpen. Sharpening a knife actually removes a small amount of steel from the blade, so doing this too frequently can take away from the original intended blade shape. Unless being used heavily, knives may only need sharpening once or twice per year.

It is recommended that you use a sharpener designed by the same manufacturer as the knife, to ensure that the hardness of the tempered steel in the sharpener is greater than that of the blade. Wüsthof sharpener blades have a Rockwell hardness rating several points higher than that of their knives.

Store Your Knives Between Use

Storing knives keeps them in their best condition, safe from being nicked or dinged. Knives can be stored in an attractive knife block or magnetic holder, which Wüsthof makes in a variety of attractive shapes and styles. If you wish to transport your knives, use a specialized case or roll bag.