Wolf Gourmet Appliances

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Don’t settle for less when it comes to your cooking. Upgrade to Wolf Gourmet appliances from Sur La Table to experience advanced features and precision control through every step of your recipe. These kitchen gadgets are some of the top-rated small appliances. In addition to being popular with home chefs, many of these items can be found in professional kitchens or the personal homes of gourmet chefs. If you want high-end quality, stylish designs, long-lasting durability and superior performance, be sure to check out our complete collection of Wolf Gourmet appliances.

Precision Control in the Kitchen

Boost your abilities as a home chef by investing in Wolf Gourmet products for your kitchen. With each of these appliances, the goal is to give you complete control over the end result. The precision settings help Wolf Gourmet toasters, multicookers, countertop ovens and blenders deliver the exceptional flavors, textures and aromas you want with every meal or beverage. These premium appliances are intuitive as well, so you’ll quickly be able to master all of the detailed settings and controls. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel like a real pro chef when you use these appliances from Wolf Gourmet at home.

Bold Designs You’ll Love

Wolf Gourmet appliances have a slightly industrial-inspired look that looks great in every kitchen. The classic stainless steel appearance is polished and sleek, making your kitchen look especially professional. This timeless style also helps the appliances complement one another, providing even more reasons to upgrade your current kitchen gadgets. You’ll also love the iconic red knobs which add a powerful pop of color without being too bright. Add a bold and sophisticated style to your home with this collection of Wolf Gourmet kitchen products from Sur La Table.