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Now available Calphalon cookware, bakeware & cutlery.

Calphalon was founded in Ohio in 1963, originally operating under the name Commercial Aluminum Cookware and manufacturing products exclusively for professional chefs. The company’s founder, Ronald M. Kasperzak, is credited with having invented hard anodized aluminum cookware several years later, in 1968, using a process adopted by the aerospace industry. Soon, Calphalon cookware was so in demand that it expanded to be available to home cooks. Today, Calphalon pans and pots, as well as the company’s wide selection of bakeware and cutlery, are used in homes and professional kitchens around the world.

Are Calphalon Nonstick Products Right for Your Kitchen?

First, let’s answer the question, what is hard anodized aluminum? It is aluminum that has undergone a special kind of anodization process that involves exposing it to a high-voltage electrical current, as well as a chemical bath at very cold temperatures. This results in the metal developing a hardened oxide layer that makes it especially durable and prevents it from being affected by the acids in food. Best of all, almost all hard anodized aluminum cookware is nonstick.

If you’re looking for durable, nonstick pots and pans made using cutting-edge technology, Calphalon might be the right brand for you. Calphalon also makes nonstick bakeware in other popular, durable materials like carbon steel and stainless steel. At Sur La Table, we even carry convenient Calphalon cookware sets and baking sets so you can easily get everything you need to stock your kitchen.

Calphalon Knives and Knife Sets

Stainless steel is the tried-and-true material Calphalon uses to make its knives. These expertly made knives feature special characteristics; the paring and chef’s knife set features natural bacteria-fighting agents right in the metal, and the Calphalon 15-knife sets you’ll find here are self-sharpening. Choose Calphalon to enjoy professional-quality kitchen supplies right in your home.