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Make Homemade Simpler with KitchenAid

From their legendary mixers to their brilliant small appliances, KitchenAid innovations make cooking easier and more enjoyable for savvy home chefs.

Founded in 1919 by commercial mixer maker Hobart, KitchenAid has a long history of bringing professional-grade mixing, whipping, grinding and kneading to residential kitchens. This legendary brand debuted its original stand mixer, the H-5, over a century ago, and continues to make some of the most versatile, time-honored countertop stand mixers ever made. Sur La Table is proud to offer an exceptional assortment of products by this heirloom brand, including KitchenAid mixers and mixer attachments as well as high-quality small appliances.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger and finally invest in a KitchenAid mixer, Sur La Table is here to help you compare different models and find the right one for your needs. The longtime appliance brand has extended their offerings to include durable, small attachments made with the same focus on quality and performance as their iconic mixers.

More By KitchenAid: Hand Mixer, Blender, Food Processor and Beyond

At Sur La Table, we have a complete lineup of products by KitchenAid, including blenders, coffee makers, multi-cookers, hand mixers, digital scales, convection ovens, food processors and so much more for you to explore.

Of course, a KitchenAid hand mixer is a true mainstay in many kitchens, offering multiple speeds to whip up a wide range of batters and doughs. We recommend a hand mixer over a stand mixer for those casual bakers who don’t do a ton of extensive baking throughout the year. Just as KitchenAid has mastered the art of bringing professional mixing to the home kitchen, they’ve also helped introduce commercial-style espresso machines and food processors to residential environments. All of these appliances are well worth your consideration.

Whether you’re looking for a KitchenAid food processor, a KitchenAid coffee maker or any other one of this company’s game-changing countertop appliances, you can expect the very best in reliability and performance.