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Schott Zwiesel Pure Stemware Sets

Patented Tritan® Crystal

The Pure line offers a modern gourmet experience with stemware designed specifically for your favorite varietal. Lead free and dishwasher safe. Made in Germany.

Schott Zwiesel Pure Stemware



No brewing method extracts more flavor from the precious bean than the French press. Easy to use, it offers an intensely aromatic cup of java. These pots have a heat-resistant borosilicate glass container held by a chrome-plated frame. More »


Bormioli Rocco


Based in Fidenza, Italy, and using the finest natural resources, Bormioli Rocco creates impeccably beautiful and durable glassware enjoyed around the world. More »




Made in France since 1939 by the inventors of the glass tempering process, this oft-imitated design is tough, stackable and a pleasure to hold. A favorite of restaurateurs and entertainers everywhere More »


La Rochere


The oldest glassmaking company in France, La Rochere was founded in 1475 in the Haute-Saône area. Many of their artistic glasses are embellished with decorations that classically symbolize France, such as the royal Fleur de Lys and the Provencal bee. More »




Aiming to think freshly, Menu of Denmark is engaged in a never-ending search for beautiful Scandinavian design with true originality. Their wine universe comprises everything you need to enhance a good wine experience. More »




Makers of the infamous Rabbit wine opener, along with a line of specialty wine tools and accessories. Metrokane incorporates their unique inventiveness and impeccable design sensibility into everything they create. More »




OXO tools are as comfortable to use as they are effective in producing excellent results. Masters of ergonomics as well as original and innovative in design, OXO offers more than 500 easy to use products with pressure-absorbing, comfort-grip handles. More »


Schott Zwiesel


A leader in crafting transcendent crystal, superior in design as well as employing technologically advanced fabrications. Their passion is to create glassware that performs superbly and lasts for generations. More »




With an eye toward improving the performance, function and appearance of kitchen tools, Tovolo also aims to put a smile on every cook's face, incorporating bright colors and unexpected whimsical touches. More »


Wine Enthusiast


Preserve your best bottles, and keep them optimally cool with storage solutions from Wine Enthusiast. Each of their wine accessories is fabricated from the finest materials, built to enhance your drinking pleasure. More »


Vacu Vin


The Netherland’s VacuVin burst onto the scene over 25 years ago with their infamous Vacuum Wine Saver. Wine tools are a favorite, with their array of wine pourers, foil cutters, and wine bottle coasters. More »




Developed with the philosophy that wine needs to breathe, Vinturi products are a must for wine lovers. You can aerate your wine in the amount of time it takes to pour a glass, so the wine is mixed with just the right amount of air for a noticeably better taste. More »


Bormioli Rocco


Sleek, clean silhouettes that fit perfectly into your hand. Made in Italy. More »

Duralex Picardie


The original French tumbler created by the company that invented the glass tempering process. More »

Bodum Pavina


Unique mouth-blown glasses have two walls that capture air to insulate the beverage and stop condensation rings. More »

Bodum Bistro


Unique mouth-blown glasses have two walls that capture air to insulate the beverage and stop condensation rings. More »

Bodum Canteen


Award-winning mouth-blown glasses insulate the beverage and are great for both hot and cold drinks. More »

Bodum Copenhagen


A classic shape with heavy rim and handle, these single-wall mugs are great for coffee, tea or any hot beverage. More »

Schott Zwiesel Vinao


Vinao is the first gourmet glassware collection to feature TRITAN® double-protection technology. More »

Schott Zwiesel Diva


Tall, slender stems taper gently at the ends, complementing the rounded bowls creating a natural comfortable feel. More »

Schott Zwiesel Pure


Sturdy titanium crystal is formed into long, sharp angles for a detailed shape and sophisticated style. More »

Schott Zwiesel Cru


The designs feature oversized bowls and shorter stems, plus all the benefits of our 'Forte' and 'Pure' collections. More »

Schott Zwiesel Forte


A pure crystal glass resulting from the combining of unique ingredients with an advanced manufacturing process. More »

Schott Zwiesel 1872 Gusto


Premium line of glassware is mouth-blown and handcrafted to a timeless design. More »

Schott Zwiesel 1872 Enoteca


Mouth-blown glasses are crafted in the tradition of Zwiesel’s long history of glassmaking. More »

Schott Zwiesel 1872 The First


Many consider The First Collection to be among the finest crystal in the world. More »

Charles Schumann Barware

Stemware • Tumblers

The ultmate collection from Charles Schumann and Schott Zwiesel. More »

Schott Zwiesel Barware


Innovative titanium crystal resists scratches and breaks, popular among bar professionals. More »

La Rochere

Stemware • Tumblers

Everyday glassware adorned with raised relief decorations that symbolize France. More »


Glassware Tips

Colorless Glassware: the Advantage is Clear

Opting for transparent glassware makes it easy to revamp your tabletop with no worries about clashing colors or patterns. Plus, clear glass showcases the color of your beverages, from beautiful Bordeaux to pink cosmos. After all, what’s the point of a tequila sunrise if no one can see it?

Essential Stemware for Occasional Entertaining

Even if you have no intention of hosting a cocktail party, you’ll still want appropriate stemware for special occasions. Champagne flutes are a must for engagement parties and New Year’s celebrations or even for mimosas at the monthly ladies brunch. And it’s a great idea to keep a set of wineglasses on hand since guests often come bearing gift bottles of vino.

Beverage Napkins: Festive and Functional

Add an extra touch of personality to your next party with paper cocktail napkins. You’ll find designs to fit any theme, from whimsical to elegant. And cleanup couldn’t be easier.

Up the Cool Factor with Chilled Glasses

Chilled cocktail glasses not only keep drinks cool longer, they make any gathering feel more sophisticated. Place glasses in the freezer for an hour or in the fridge for a few hours. Remove glasses when ready to serve. In a pinch, you can chill glasses in ice for about half an hour.

No Crying Over Chilled Milk

Nothing goes better with fresh-baked cookies or brownies than a glass of ice-cold milk. But you don’t want to water down milk with ice cubes, so try chilling your glasses instead. Pop them in the freezer for about an hour and remove immediately before serving.

Drinking Glasses: Not Just for Drinks Anymore

Clear drinking glasses are one of the most versatile items in your kitchen. Try using them as bud vases, votive holders or fill with fruit or candy for a unique centerpiece. They’re also great for serving mousse, ice cream or gelatin. You can even use them as cookie cutters or, in a pinch, as a rolling pin.

Wine Glasses

Red and White Wines: Are Different Glasses Really Necessary?

In a pinch, you could sip wine from a jelly jar, but if you want to bring out the best attributes, you’ll need the proper stemware. The deep aromas and rich tannins of red wine benefit from exposure to air, so you’ll want a large bowl with wide lip. White wines are generally fruity and don’t require as much breathing, so a smaller glass is the ideal choice. As an added bonus, small glasses keep wine cool longer.

Wine Glasses: The Choice is Clear

No matter what size or shape wine glass you choose, you’ll want to go with clear glass. Opaque or tinted styles mask the wine’s true color and make it difficult to see how it behaves in the glass when swirled.

Be Prepared to Pop the Cork

Nothing spoils a party mood faster than a bottle of wine without an opener in sight. Even if you’re not a connoisseur, you’ll want to be sure that your guests can get into the bottles they bring. So be sure to keep both a wine and bottle opener on hand. You don’t need to opt for a high-tech contraption, but you’ll at least want a proper corkscrew.

The Home Bar

Base Barware on Your Drink Preferences

When stocking your bar, opt for glasses and tools that will help you make your favorite concoctions. If you like red wine with dinner, get a few extra red wine glasses to allow for the occasional broken bowl or stem. And consider your guests’ tastes, as well. If they tend to choose beer over wine, be prepared with the appropriate glassware.

Essential Tools for Your Home Bar

You can’t make the best mojitos on the block without a muddler or serve a fine Pinot Noir without a decanter to let it breathe. Bar tools and accessories are just as important as the glassware itself. Home bartenders will want to stock their bar with a shaker, strainer, muddler, jigger, bottle opener and ice tongs. Wine lovers will find a decanter, a good corkscrew, bottle stoppers and wine storage racks indispensable.

An Ice Bucket Elevates Your Party’s Cool Factor

An ice bucket with tongs adds a sophisticated touch to any get together. It eliminates countless trips to the freezer and encourages folks not to stick their fingers in the communal ice. You’ll find a variety of styles to fit your taste and budget. Anything beats making do with the commonly used plastic mixing bowl.

How to Store Your Bar Supplies

It’s best to keep all your bar supplies – glasses, tools, and liquor – together in one place. No need to go searching for a stray corkscrew or a missing muddler. Pick a cabinet or closet where they’ll be protected from sunlight and extreme temperatures. And, of course, be sure to stash alcohol in a place children can’t access.

Great Cocktails are Shaken, Not Stirred

Whether you’re serving martinis or Manhattans, you need a good cocktail shaker. You’ll find them in two styles: the popular three-piece, which includes a strainer and jigger lid and the Boston shaker, which features a stainless steel shaker and mixing glass. Professionals prefer the versatility of the Boston shaker, but either style is a welcome addition to your bar.

Do Your Cocktails Measure Up?

To make a balanced, delicious cocktail you have to watch the proportions. That’s why a jigger is as essential to bartending as measuring cups are to baking. The most popular style is a double jigger, which measures one and two ounce shots. But if you’re making pitchers or punch, a traditional glass measuring cup is more efficient.

Caring for Your Glassware

Top Tips for Washing Glassware

Carefully wash glassware with a sponge or soft dishcloth.

Never use abrasive pads or hard-bristled brushes, which can easily cause scratches.

Avoid accidents by holding the bowl rather than the stem when washing.

When scrubbing or drying, never twist the stem and bowl in opposite directions.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

Extreme temperature changes can easily cause glassware and crystal to crack or break. Avoid pouring hot liquids into cold glasses or putting cold glassware into hot water. Also, it’s best not to store glassware in areas that are known for extreme temperatures such as attics and basements.

Storing Glassware: To Flip or Not to Flip?

Chances are, you were taught to store glassware upside down to keep the inside clean. Actually, this isn’t the best idea. The lip is the weakest part of the glass and isn’t engineered to support a glass’s entire weight. Turning glasses on end causes undo stress to the mouth, which leads to cracks and breaks. To keep your glasses in top condition, always store them right side up.