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Silicone Hibiscus Storage Lids


An easy, eco-friendly and economical way to cover your food. Heat-resistant, food-safe silicone lid allows for splatter-free cooking in the microwave or oven. These handy lids form an air-tight seal on any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot for leftovers too.

Charles Viancin Silicone Hibiscus-Shaped Food Storage Lids

Bormioli Preserving


Bormioli Rocco’s sturdy glass storage containers keep foods fresh and are safe to store leftovers and ingredients. High-quality glass won’t absorb odors and flavors. Tight-fitting lids allow for easy portability. More »




Makers of fine, delicately scented hand soaps, moisturizing creams and household cleaners infused with luxurious botanicals and all-natural ingredients. Made in Canada. More »




From ceiling racks to their premier wall racks and freestanding racks, everything fashioned by Enclume is the product of superior craftsmanship and exceptional fabrications. More »


John Boos


Supplier of butcher blocks and cutting boards to the finest restaurants and homes, John Boos now brings you this handsome collection you can enjoy at home. Outstanding craftsmanship. Made in USA. More »


For the Kitchen

Add More Counter or Cabinet Space with a Kitchen Cart.

The two most common kitchen problems are lack of workspace and lack of storage. Solve both by adding a kitchen cart. Use the surface of the cart for everything from rolling dough to prepping vegetables. And stash pots and pans and dry goods on the shelves. Some carts feature drawers for utensils and tools, along with a bar for kitchen towels. You’ll even find models with wine racks. Many feature wheels, enabling you to stash your cart out of the way when not in use.

How to Keep Spices Fresh Longer

Extend the life of your spices by storing in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry place. While it seems practical to store spices near the oven, that’s one of the worst places for your spice stash. Heat causes aromatic oils to evaporate, making your spices and herbs lose flavor faster.

Five Reasons to Hang Your Cookware

Wall-mounted or hanging pot racks are a great addition to any kitchen and here’s why:

Organization: No need to shuffle pots and pans in the cabinet to retrieve the one you need.

Space Saving: Enables you to stash more items in the cabinets.

Preserves Cookware: Protects your high-end cookware from scratches and dents.

Ergonomic: Keeps cookware at arm’s reach, eliminating bending and kneeling.

Display: Shows off your prized cookware.

How to Wash Your Butcher Block

After each use, wash the surface of your butcher block by hand with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Never submerge the block. Add a little bleach to the water for extra sanitizing after cutting raw meat. Thoroughly dry block after washing. Use a steel scraper to remove food buildup or deep cuts. Be sure to oil your block regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Five Great Uses for Kitchen Towels

Trivet: Fold towel in half to protect countertop from hot dishes.

Bread Warmer:Cover rolls with towel to retain heat.

Apron: Tuck towel into top of pants for a handy apron substitute.

Drying Produce: Absorbent towels easily remove moisture from freshly washed salad greens, herbs, and other produce.

Hostess Gift: You can never have too many kitchen towels, so any cook would love a beautiful new set.

Eco Ideas

Paper or Plastic? Neither

Carrying your own shopping bag is an easy way to care for the environment. These days, you’ll find reusable bags in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles – whether you prefer thin (but sturdy) bags that fold up to fit in your purse or substantial European-style market totes.

Save Money and the Environment with Reusable Water Bottles

At a dollar (or more) apiece, the cost of bottled water really adds up. Especially when you consider that most bottles end up clogging landfills, where they’ll stay for nearly a thousand years. That’s why so many people have switched to reusable water bottles. With all the sizes, styles, and colors available, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Simply fill with filtered water and enjoy the same quality at a fraction of the price.

Pretty and Practical Herb Wreaths

A beautiful, aromatic herb wreath spices up any kitchen décor. Many styles feature a medley of herbs such as lavender, rosemary, sage, and oregano. The colorful display offers a warm welcome for guests, while adding delicious flavor to your home cooked meals. Look for wreaths and braids that are air dried and pesticide free. Shelter wreaths from direct sunlight, rain, and intense heat to keep them looking great for years to come..

For the Cook

Ergonomic Mats Keep Cooks Comfortable

Spending long hours in the kitchen can quickly take a toll on one’s back and feet. Plus, arthritis pain is exacerbated by standing on hard kitchen flooring. Ergonomic kitchen mats are designed to reduce fatigue and make cooking more comfortable. You’ll find a variety of styles and colors to match any kitchen décor.

Save Yourself from Dishpan Hands

Cooking requires continual hand washing, which can easily lead to dry, cracked hands. You’ll find a number of soap brands created especially for cooks (including Sur La Table’s own line). These feature essential oils that gently clean hands without interfering with the flavor of foods. Be sure to apply a cook-friendly moisturizing lotion after you’re done in the kitchen.

Aprons: Versatile and Practical

Aprons are essential for protecting clothing from food stains and cooking odors. But for most cooks, they also serve multiple functions. Clean aprons double as kitchen towels for drying hands. And apron pockets are the ideal place to stash everything from utensils to MP3 players.

Aprons Make a Great Gift

What do you give the hostess who has everything? Try a fun and fashionable apron. Since folks are entertaining at home more often, the apron is quickly making its way back out of the kitchen. You’ll find a great variety of styles and fabrics, from functional to frilly.

Decorative Oven Mitts Put the Fun into Functional

Why settle for boring potholders? Stylish oven mitts are an easy and inexpensive way to add an extra touch of personality to your kitchen. You’ll find a variety of designs to fit your taste, from elegant to whimsical. Plus, potholders are a great way to incorporate your holiday theme into the kitchen.


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