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What's in Season?

Richly colored, with depth of flavor – these are the characteristics that we have come to expect from
the produce that is starring at markets during this season. Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts,
Sweet Potatoes and Celery Root all find themselves part of a holiday entertaining table every season.

Butternut Squash

With its dense, creamy sweet
colorful flesh that can be scraped
from the skin, after it is baked, this
squash can be used in chunks in
soup, as Ina has in her Winter
Minestrone Soup, or pureed with
carrots to make a creamy soup. It’s
also yummy sliced thin and baked
served on pizza as an appetizer.


Brussels Sprouts

Often found on the stalk at the
market, these “little cabbages” can
be refrigerated (if you have space) on
the stalk until you are ready to use
them to keep them as fresh as
possible. They are great thinly sliced
and cooked quickly with pancetta or
bacon and have been appearing on
menus all over the country.

Sweet Potatoes

Probably one of the most popular
vegetables this season, this root
vegetable with its nutty and sweet
flavor and bright orange flesh
is very versatile. Sweet potatoes
can not only be served as the classic
sweet potato casserole, but can
also be grilled, pureed into
soup or made into a pie.


Celery Root

Clearly one of the ugliest root vegetables
and most misunderstood. But, oh, the
flavor! Peeled and cooked slowly in
chunks until soft, then pureed, celery
root can be made into soup or mixed
with mashed potatoes for an amazing
side dish. Made into remoulade and
served with crudités, it can also
be a great appetizer.

With such bounty at this time of the year, the choices for supporting your holiday entertaining meal are plenty.
So, Come to the Table and brighten up the flavors of your holiday meal with these versatile vegetables.

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