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Come to the Table, with an image of fresh vegetables piled high

2013: The Year for Healthful Eating

Healthful eating is hip. Vegetarianism is mainstream. In this issue of Come to the Table, we explore the trend of Healthful Eating and share innovative recipes to incorporate into your daily menu selection. Juicing isn't just about raw foods with more nutrients in your glass to drink; it's about soup and sauces and gazpacho. Gluten-free isn't just about taking the bad food out but incorporating tasty flavors in.

Celery becomes a glass of celery juice

In Culinary Trends we explore what's going on with the Healthful Eating trend.

In Featured Foodie we talk with Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen about how she has made Asian flavors more healthful.

In On the Plate we share Jaden's Korean bites and Chef Seamus Mullen's gazpacho.

In Tips from the Kitchen, Jaden Hair shares her secrets for making Asian food more healthful without sacrificing flavor.

So Come to the Table and join us for a healthier 2013.

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