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Tips From the Experts

Preheat your cup by filling it with near-boiling water while
you’re preparing your coffee. Dump the water out first
before you pour in your freshly brewed coffee or espresso.

Store coffee beans in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.
Never, ever keep them in the fridge—or worse, freeze them.
Doing either will dramatically degrade the flavor.

To make sure you’re enjoying the freshest flavor possible,
buy only the amount of beans you’ll use in a week.

It’s easy to forget, but coffee is mostly water, so make sure
you use the good stuff. Cold, filtered or bottled water is
always best to start with—no matter your brewing method.

Coffee snobs may disagree, but there’s no “right” way to
brew coffee or espresso. So try different brewing methods,
play with the ratio of coffee to water, use different beans.
The “right” result is the one that tastes best to you!

The quickest way to better flavor is to grind beans right
before brewing them. While any grinder will help you get a
better tasting cup, a burr grinder produces a more
consistent grind—for better extraction and tastier results.


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