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Pour-Over Coffee with the Chemex

If you’re into the slow food movement,
pour-over coffee may be your cup of ...
coffee. Each cup is crafted by hand,
resulting in a flavor that’s entirely up
to you.


Step one

Grind your coffee. We like 20-30
grams for each 10-oz. cup of coffee.
Start there and adjust to taste after
you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Step Two

Boil fresh, filtered water and remove
from heat.

Tip: If you have an instant-read
thermometer, let the water reach
about 205°F.

Step Three

Place filter in Chemex and rinse it
with a little hot water, then pour
out the water.

Step Four

Add ground coffee to the filter.
Make sure the coffee is as evenly
distributed as possible.

Step Five

Pour a little bit of water into the coffee
grounds to wet them first and let them
“bloom” for 30-60 seconds.

Note: You’ll see little bubbles as the carbon
dioxide is released. And the aroma is really

Step Six

Slowly pour a thin stream of water
through the grounds in a circular
pattern for even extraction, until the
amount of coffee you want has
dripped into the bottom of the pot.

Tip: The trick here is to only pour as
fast as the coffee is dripping through the
filter into the lower half of the carafe.
Pace yourself!

Step Seven

Pour your coffee and enjoy!


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