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Aeropress Espresso maker

Developed by a mechanical engineering
professor, the AeroPress uses both
pressure and immersion to brew coffee
with bright flavors and a crisp body.


Step one

Grind your coffee to a medium
consistency. We like two AeroPress
scoops for one 10-12 oz. cup. You can
make up to four cups at a time with
the AeroPress.

Step Two

Place a paper AeroPress filter into
the black cap and rinse it with a little
warm water.

Step Three

Fit the filter cap into the plastic tube
and set it on top of your coffee cup.

Pour the ground coffee into the brew
chamber, and then pour hot water into
the chamber to the correct level,
depending on how many cups
you’re brewing.

Tip: We like using water at 175°F for
dark roasts and 185°F for light roasts.

Step Four

Stir the water and grounds with the
paddle for 10 seconds, fit the
plunger on top and let the coffee
steep a few seconds longer.

Step Five

Press down slowly and firmly on the
plunger until it reaches the bottom.

Tip: Gentle pressure is the key to

Step Six

Enjoy your espresso as-is, or dilute
with hot water to taste for coffee.


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