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The Martini
This most iconic cocktail actually has
fairly unknown roots. And over the
years, its taste has changed
dramatically from a sweet, vermouth-
based drink to the dry, gin-centric one
we sip today.
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The Manhattan
Though you'll now find it commonly
made with bourbon, a Manhattan is
traditionally made with rye, the much
more popular whiskey in 19th century
New York City, where the drink
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The Moscow Mule
Created in the 1940s by
entrepreneurs Jack Morgan and
John G. Martin, the Moscow Mule
was served in specially engraved
copper mugs to market vodka to
Americans. Ever since, the cocktail
has been a spicy and refreshing
favorite year-round.
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The Mint Julep
Nothing cools on a scorching
summer day, especially one spent
at the races, like a Mint Julep.
Traditionally, juleps are served in
silver or pewter cups and are chilled
so that frost forms on the outside
of the cup.
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The Plum Ginny
The signature Sur La Table
cocktail was created as a tribute
to our Seattle roots and our
admiration for the French
gastronomic tradition. It's the
perfect balance of sweet and tart,
with subtle fruit notes.
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The Gin Fizz
This delicious drink is as much fun
to shake up as it is to drink. It's a
zingy mix of lemon, simple syrup
and gin, but the airy egg white gives
it some festive fizziness.
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The Shirley Collins
Named after the founder of
Sur La Table, this riff on the
classic Tom Collins is a great any-
occasion cocktail. We've found
that just about everyone loves
this drink once they've tried it,
much as the real Shirley was
beloved by her Seattle customers.
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