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The Joy of Cookware

As cooks ourselves, we know how passionate home chefs are about their cookware. The right set is a big part of setting up your kitchen. We can help you spot your perfect match.

Asparagus Pot

Tall like a stockpot yet much more narrow. Its long, slender body is ideal for steaming asparagus, corn and tamales.


A tall, straight-sided stockpot that includes inserts for pasta and more, expanding its versatility beyond soups and stocks.


A versatile essential that can double as a serving piece available in a wide range of materials, styles, shapes and designs.

Pressure Cooker

For faster cooking, this pot has an airtight lid that builds up pressure raising the internal temperature higher than otherwise possible.


Shallower than a Dutch Oven and wonderful for sautéing, browning, braising and slow cooking soups and stews.

Roasting Pan

A sturdy pan essential for roasting chicken, turkey, ham, beef and more. Often includes a V-shaped rack, a nice bonus.


Often larger and deeper than a typical baking dish, a casserole lets you take its namesake dish easily from oven to table.


The most often used pan in the kitchen is round with relatively high, straight sides, a long handle and a tight-fitting lid.

Crepe Pan

Similar in shape to a skillet, the crepe pan has extra-low sides that allow for easing lifting, turning and transfer of crepes.


A broad, bowl-shaped saucepan with gently curving sides that allow whisking, stirring, sautéing and reducing of sauces.

Double Boiler

A standard saucepan with an insert that nests inside designed to gently cook delicate foods without fear of scorching.

Sauté Pan

Straight, high sides and a tight-fitting lid make this versatile pan useful for sautéing as well as browning foods.

Dutch Oven

Traditionally constructed of heavy cast-iron, this essential for one-pot meals has a flat bottom, high sides and a tight-fitting lid.


A shallow frying pan with flared sides available in a variety of sizes and materials from cast iron to stainless steel.

Egg Poacher

A metal insert with cavities that fit a cracked egg. It sits in a covered saucepan, keeping eggs perfectly shaped as they cook.


Tall, straight-sided pot typically stainless steel and aluminum, designed for making stock but convenient for soups, pasta or chili.

Fondue Pot

Traditional sets include a pot, long-handled forks, and base to hold fuel for keeping cheese, chocolate or oil hot for dipping.


A traditional Moroccan vessel made of terra-cotta, with a shallow base topped by a conical lid to circulate flavors during cooking.


A stovetop pan with a flat surface used for cooking pancakes, burgers and more. Two-burner versions create a large cooking surface.


The indispensable pan of the Chinese kitchen with high, sloping sides and curved base, for cooking food quickly over high heat.

Grill Pan

Grill pans have a raised grid or ridges that leave dark grill marks on the surface of steaks, vegetables, sausages or other foods.


All Clad Copper Core

Provides rapid, even heat distribution

All Clad Copper Core combines the heat-conducting abilities of copper and aluminum with the easy maintenance and durability of stainless steel. A pure copper core extends along the bottom and up the side walls of each piece, providing rapid, even heat distribution.

All Clad Gourmet Ovenware

Commercial-quality ovenware built to last

Commercial-quality gourmet ovenware is built to perform beautifully even under the extreme heat of commercial ovens. Well suited for almost anything you choose to bake, such as cookies, scones and much more. Durable design withstands a lifetime of frequent use.

All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware

Made with non-reactive 3-ply bonded stainless steel

All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware features a triple-ply stainless steel construction that is bonded for superior heat distribution. The hand-polished interiors won’t react to food and help moderate the cooking temperatures. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Demeyere Apollo Cookware Collection

Beautiful satin-finish stainless steel that performs brilliantly

The stunning Apollo Collection with satin-polish Silvinox finish features a 7-ply base combined with an 18/10 stainless-steel body to ensure optimal heat distribution and transfer. Heat, aroma and steam stay inside pan during cooking so your foods retain more flavors.

Demeyere Atlantis Cookware

Technically advanced cookware

Innovative pan-specific technologies ensure optimal heat distribution and a much larger heat-conducting surface. The InductoSeal base combines silver and a disc of copper hermetically sealed in a stainless steel TriplInduc base that’s laser-welded to the pan.

Demeyere Industry5

The culmination of our two-year collaboration with Demeyere

Made in Belgium, this is the most technically advanced clad-metal cookware we offer. Designed to exceed the standards of professional and home cooks, this cookware boasts 5-ply clad-metal construction; superior base stability; oversized, stay-cool handles and a proprietary Silvinox finish for lasting shine.

Demeyere John Pawson Cookware Collection

A triumph of artistry and performance designed by architect John Pawson

Beautiful to behold, this exceptionally crafted cookware uses the most advanced technology and construction to deliver superior results. Each piece is tailored to the cooking method for which it was designed and features Demeyere’s signature 7-ply construction.

Emile Henry

Versatile pieces in signature glazes

The gentle heat distribution of this clay cookware makes them ideal for braising, browning and slow cooking. 30% lighter than metal cookware, innovative ceramics work on gas, electric or halogen without cracking or breaking and can go from freezer to oven to table.

Emile Henry Clay Flame-Top Ceramics

Goes from freezer to oven to table

Handcrafted cookware can be used on electric, gas, halogen and in the oven. Lighter than cast iron, it’s made from natural clay found in mineral rich Burgundy, France to resist cracks, chips and scratches. Each piece heats evenly, efficiently and retains heat longer.

Le Creuset

Celebrate More Than 85 Years with Le Creuset

The leading manufacturer of enameled cast iron cookware today offers enamel on steel, stoneware, tri-ply stainless steel and forged hard-anodized cookware. Every piece is still made with the same impeccable standards for high-performance and exceptional results.

Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized Collection

Nonstick, With Stronger Construction Than Stainless

From renowned cookware manufacturer Le Creuset comes forged hard-anodized cookware. The durable nonstick finish inside makes it simple to cook healthy meals and easily releases food. Forged hard-anodized construction is an excellent conductor of heat and will not warp.

Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Collection

Exclusive Colors & Shapes

Iconic design celebrates the look and feel of vintage stoneware in beautiful colors. Bake, slice and serve using these versatile pieces. Virtually non-porous, it’s fired at 2156°F for unmatched strength and durability with resistance to chips, cracks and stains.

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Cookware

High performance stainless from the French masters

Engineered for high performance in the kitchen, this stainless steel cookware has a pure aluminum core from base to rim, ensuring even heat distribution and eliminating hot spots. A magnetized exterior provides exceptional performance on any heat source, even induction.

Lodge Cookware Collection

Legendary cast iron made in USA

Pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron is created by America’s oldest family-owned cookware manufacturer. It distributes heat quickly and evenly, with superior heat retention so food stays warm while serving. For use with stovetop, oven, broiler and even an outdoor grill.


Finest quality copperware made in France since 1830

Mauviel designs and manufactures products in a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. The cookware of choice of demanding professionals, Mauviel is continuously researching high-performance techniques and materials for creating new products.

Mauviel 1830 M’heritage Copper/Stainless Steel Collection

Updated copperware from the French experts

Mauviel stands for excellence in copper cookware and their 1830 M’heritage line takes the same high-performance copper and adds extremely durable stainless steel handles. The results are pieces that withstand the rigors of the most demanding cooking tasks and chefs.

Mauviel M’Cook Collection

Stainless steel perfection

The latest technology for the home cook, The handsome M'Cook line has a core of aluminum for high performance cooking without hot spots. Five-ply construction encloses a thick aluminum core between layers of durable 18/10 stainless steel for quick and even heating.

Mauviel Professional Copper Cookware

Top-grade, enduring copperware

This Professional Copper line resides in the top echelon of cookware. Each piece provides the optimal cooking experience for professional cooks as well as home chefs. The world- class French craftsmanship ensures generations of unbeatable performance in your kitchen.

Scanpan Classic Cookware

Professional-grade nonstick cookware at great values

Crafted from 100% recycled aluminum, the Scanpan Classic line is professional quality cookware at a terrific value. The ceramic titanium nonstick surface is safe for metal utensils, and the fast and even heat distribution and retention means up to 50% energy savings.

Scanpan CSX Cookware

5-ply stainless steel made of 100% recycled materials

Designed for professional performance, this eco-friendly collection is constructed from 100% recycled materials. The 18/10 stainless steel interiors are ideal for sautéing, frying, caramelizing, searing and preparing sauces. Safe for oven and dishwasher. Made in Denmark.

Scanpan CTX Nonstick Cookware

The world’s first induction-compatible, PFOA-free nonstick cookware

The most durable nonstick surface we’ve found performs beautifully on any cooktop thanks to layered 100% recycled aluminum and stainless steel construction. Dense, 5-layer clad construction means heat is distributed evenly and efficiently without creating hotspots. Induction compatible.

Scanpan Pro IQ Nonstick Cookware

Durable, versatile and completely PFOA free

This cookware collection features a patented ceramic titanium nonstick surface that's safe for use with metal utensils and — unlike traditional nonstick — allows for browning, braising, searing and deglazing. 100% recycled aluminum body with a thick base for quick and even heat distribution. Made in Denmark.

Staub Cast Iron Cookware

Handmade in France to last a lifetime

Legendary Staub cookware has long been favored by professional chefs ands cooking enthusiasts the world over. Durable cast iron construction retains and distributes heat evenly and effectively. Suitable for use on any cooking surface including induction.

Sur La Table Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware

A remarkable value

Professional-quality, heavy-gauge aluminum is twice as hard as stainless steel and provides fast, even heating. The durable Dupont Autograph nonstick coating is the most advanced three-coat nonstick surface available, ensuring excellent food release and easy cleanup.

Sur La Table Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

A Sur La Table exclusive

Our premium collection features gleaming stainless steel layers sandwiching a core of pure aluminum for quick and even heat distribution. Riveted, stay-cool stainless steel handles are uniquely curved for a comfortable grip. Stainless steel exterior layers won’t react with food.

Sur La Table Cast Iron Cookware

High Quality Performance at a Great Value

Excellent quality at an amazing value—our familiarity with the world's top cookware helped us choose the best features for these exceptional pieces. Durable cast iron offers superior heat retention, while the chip-resistant enamel surface cleans up easily.


Anodized Aluminum

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, and when anodized or combined with other nonreactive metals such as stainless steel, it’s an integral part of the world’s best cookware. Anodized aluminum has been treated with an electrolytic process that smoothes and hardens the surface, making it nonreactive and resistant to corrosion.

Cast Iron

Cast iron heats more slowly than many materials, but it heats evenly to a high temperature and retains heat for a long time. Cast-iron cookware can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, on a grill or under a broiler. A porous metal that will absorb fats and flavors, it is often coated with enamel, which makes it both nonreactive and easy to maintain.


Stoneware, porcelain and clay are all incredibly versatile and very attractive choices that easily move from the oven or stovetop to table for beautiful presentation. The ceramic is fired at extreme temperatures for remarkable durability, then finished with a glaze or enamel coat that resists chips, cracks and stains, and keeps it from absorbing odors or flavors.


Clad cookware is formed by bonding top and bottom layers of a nonreactive material like stainless steel with middle layers of pure aluminum and/or copper to create quick and even heat distribution. A great all-around choice, clad cookware is performs beautifully and is built to last. Use it for everything from sautéing to boiling to making sauces.


Copper is an excellent heat conductor, transferring it rapidly and evenly throughout any pan, and it cools rapidly once it is off the heat. It is a reactive metal, which means only nonreactive foods can be used with unlined copper pans. Stainless steel-lined copper is a good choice for sauté pans, baking dishes, gratins, saucepans fondue pots, and poachers.


Exceptionally easy-to-clean, non-reactive and much more versatile and durable than you might expect, nonstick cookware is great all-purpose choice to have on hand for cooking with less fat, sautéing and much more. Nonstick aluminum cookware is a good choice for its excellent conductivity, as is nonstick clad stainless steel cookware.

Stainless Steel

Ultra-durable, non-reactive and usually dishwasher safe, Stainless steel is a wonderfully versatile cookware choice. It layered with good heat conductors like copper or aluminum and widely used for saucepans, skillets Dutch ovens and more. Pure, heavy-gauge stainless steel roasting pans are preferable for use over direct heat, such as when making gravy.


A Guide to Cookware

The Heart of Your Kitchen

From heirloom-quality cast iron to eco-friendly nonstick, essential basics to hard-to-find specialty pieces, discover cookware from the world’s best brands, made to last a lifetime.

Take Stock

If you’re building your collection from scratch, register for a set. From basic to comprehensive, the right set will give you essential shapes and sizes and is easy to customize by adding pieces in the future. If you already have a set you love, think about how you’d like to expand it. If you’re happy with the material, stick with it. If you find you’re using the same cooking piece a lot, register for another size.

The Choice Is Yours

Cooks who lean toward quick and easy meals should consider registering for nonstick cookware. It requires little added fat for cooking and cleanup is hassle-free. Those who take pleasure in comfort food and the slow food movement will love the way cast iron cookware distributes and retains heat. Stainless steel or copper cookware is for the chef who craves impeccable performance and restaurant quality meals at home. Whether you use gas, electric or induction, choose the cookware that performs perfectly with your stovetop. Just ask us if you’re not sure.

What Do You Love?

Consider your favorite recipes, the style of cooking you return to most often, new things you’d like to try and the number of people you cook for. These will all influence your registry choices. Register for additional specialty pieces you’ll need to make your most-loved dishes. If you prepare a lot of sauces, make sure you have a few extra high-quality saucepans. If you love to stir-fry, register for a wok. And if you love to entertain and regularly cook for a crowd, include pieces that come in larger sizes.

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