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Tools Cooks Love

Our expansive collection of handy tools and gadgets will help you breeze through prep and cooking tasks. With our list of tips and an idea of how you like to cook, we’ll help you figure out just what’s right for you.

Bottle Opener

An essential for kitchen and bar available in various shapes and sizes, and often paired with a punch for cans.


Indispensable for basting and glazing foods with butter, oil or sauces. Available in various shapes, sizes and materials.

Can Opener

An electric opener quickly handles a large volume of cans. Choose a good handheld opener as a backup or if counter space is an issue.

Canning & Preserving

When preserving, you’ll need a steel boiler or pressure cooker, canning jar rack, funnel, jar lifter and a set of quality jars with lids.


For draining pasta and washing vegetables. Available in various sizes and materials. Your largest colander should fit in your sink.

Food Mill

The food mill produces purees by forcing soft solids through a perforated disk while leaving the hard solids behind.

Garlic Press

A hinged device that provides leverage to quickly compresses garlic through perforations to ready it for cooking.


Essential tool for grating and shredding cheese, nuts, vegetables, chocolate and more with different surfaces from fine to course.

Jar Opener

Special tool reduces the force required to open lids by creating extra leverage to remove stubborn tops from jars of various sizes.


A long handle and deep bowl make this tool essential for transferring soups and sauces from pots to waiting bowls and plates.


Interchangeable blades quickly and evenly slice, crinkle cut and waffle cut vegetables and fruits to your desired thickness.


Typically an upright handle attached to steel wire in pattern that makes it easy to crush soft foods like potatoes and beans.

Measuring Cups

Every kitchen should have two types of measuring cups and spoons for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients.

Measuring Spoons

Every kitchen should have two types of measuring cups and spoons for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients.

Mixing Bowls

Bowls with 1- to 6-qt. capacities are a must. Bowls that nest are easier to store. Available in a variety of materials.


Peel skin from produce, Make curls from hard cheese, removing strips of orange and lemon zest, creating chocolate shavings and more.

Salt & Pepper Mills

Available in various shapes and heights, hand-powered or automatic, often with anti-corrosion grinding mechanisms.


Most professional bakers prefer to weigh ingredients with scales rather than by volume because it’s more accurate.


Typically a stainless steel strainer with a fine mesh used to separate unwanted bits from food and sauces during cooking.


A long-handled tool with a perforated or mesh disk that serves to remove small unwanted bits from pots and pans.


From meats to cheeses, fruits and more, these tools make quick work of creating perfectly even, uniformly shaped slices.


An everyday tool various shapes and lengths with a thin, flat end that slips easily under foods to turn, lift and transfer to plates.


Slotted or regular, wooden or metal, spoons of various shapes and sizes are a must for stirring, skimming, serving and more.


Tool with a mesh cavity useful for straining fine particles from sauces, straining tea, removing liquid from food and more.


Indispensable tool takes the guesswork from roasting and lends itself handily to a variety of other kitchen tasks.


Every kitchen needs a timer. Two timers are even better. Digital timers are easy to read, while analog require no batteries.


For grasping, gripping and lifting food to turn or serve. Available in varying lengths with metal or silicone-coated ends.


Flat, Balloon, Galaxy, Cocktail, Bubble, the list goes on. A kitchen basic in various shapes for blending and whipping.


A narrow, fine grater for zesting citrus, grating chocolate and creating fine wisps of parmesan and other hard cheeses.



Italian masters of coffee

The Bialetti two-part cast aluminum espresso pot has long set the standard for stovetop espresso makers. With the invention of the Bialetti in the 1930s, espresso became available for home consumption. Today, this classic can be found in 90 percent of Italian homes.

Bodum Cooks’ Tools

Classic & colorful

Fresh, simple, functional—since 1944 Denmark ’s Bodum has prided itself on pushing the design envelope, with many awards to its credit. Focusing on coffee and tea, Bodum products innovate the preparation process while bringing clean, modern lines to the table.

Bormioli Rocco

Exceptional Italian glass

Bormioli Rocco’s sturdy glass storage containers keep foods fresh and are safe to store leftovers and ingredients. High-quality glass won’t absorb odors and flavors. Tight-fitting lids allow for easy portability. Glass construction is hygienic, scratch-resistant and recyclable.


Colorful & durable

Chef’n products are designed to help make your time in the kitchen productive – and a little more fun. Chef’n is based on the principle that kitchen products can be a lot smarter. Their preference is to use materials that hold up to the rigors of the kitchen, and are eye-catching, too.


A triumph of style & function

Cuisipro uses the most practical and durable of materials to create thoughtfully designed products that perform at the optimal level for even the trickiest culinary feats. Their team researches, designs, manufactures and tests all their kitchen tools for effectiveness.


Colorful, durable kitchen tools

From cutting boards to pop-up strainers, everything Dexas makes is fashioned with the philosophy to bring well-designed and constructed products to home chefs. Useful, durable, colorful – you will always find these three qualities well-represented in Dexas’ kitchen tools.


Exceptional whippers & soda siphons

Essential kitchen tools for the home as well as professional kitchens. Powered by their Austrian-crafted gas chargers, you can create custom whipped cream, non-dairy topping, mousse, dressings, mayonnaise and sauces without beating or whisking.

J.K. Adams

Finest quality Vermont woodworkers

Renown for their impeccable standards of quality and design, J.K. Adams has kept the tradition alive of early New England woodworking that’s been handed down for generations. From carving boards to barbecue carts, everything they make is a true masterwork of the finest kind.

John Boos & Co.

Outstanding craftsmanship

From exquisite tables, kitchen carts and shelves, everything created from John Boos & Co. is made in the USA of the highest-quality wood. They are the number-one supplier of butcher blocks and cutting boards to restaurants, butchers, even the White House.

Joseph Joseph

Pioneering design

Joseph Joseph has won multiple international design awards for simple and innovative, fun and colorful tools that perfectly blend form and function. The hallmarks of their products are always thoroughly modern, and extremely practical, with a sense of casual chic.

Kuhn Rikon

Swiss designed quality, precision and durability

The quality Kuhn Rikon has provided for over 80 years has given cooks the convenience of easy-to-use products for the kitchen. Their precision-crafted tools blend Old World craftsmanship with modern technology, yielding impressively styled, yet functional pieces.

Le Creuset

Only at Sur La Table

World-renowned cookware company Le Creuset also makes high-quality kitchen tools and utensils. Everything made by Le Creuset is of the finest quality and kitchen-tested, which is why cooks around the world from novice to pro love them so much.


Truly exceptional graters

Microplane zesters and graters feature unique razor-like edges that finely slice instead of tearing or shredding. The Microplane rasp is known for being the easiest to use and lasts after many years of use. It’s a food-prep essential found in kitchens around the globe.


Ergonomically designed tools

OXO tools are as comfortable to use as they are effective in producing excellent results. Masters of ergonomics as well as original and innovative in design, OXO offers more than 500 easy to use products with pressure-absorbing, comfort-grip handles.


Legendary French mills & grinders

Invented in 1842 and always evolving, Peugeot mills are famous for their durability and ease. Available in an array of styles, the Peugeot collection is made in France and features grinding mechanisms that are virtually indestructible and guaranteed for life.


Functional, inventive, fun tools

Masters of innovative tools for more than 35 years, Progressive is known for creating inspiring kitchenware that is modern and indeed progressive. It’s their goal and passion to always come up with new and better ways to make cooking more fun, interesting and efficient.


Intelligently crafted tools

Rösle crafts imaginative and advanced kitchen tools. With numerous design awards, the Rösle line is a marriage of performance and beauty. Each tool is held to the strictest standards, with meticulous attention paid to every detail to ensure long-lasting utility.


Precision kitchen devices for over 200 years

Since 1760, the Salter name has stood for quality weighing instruments and electronic products that make cooking easier. Their products for home and commercial use are recognized for being of the highest quality when it comes to precision and performance.

Sur La Table

Exclusive to Sur La Table

Purveyors of global-inspired, advanced and hard-to-find kitchen wares and tools, Sur La Table created an exclusive signature collection of tools crafted to the highest standards and sold at an outstanding value. We entice aficionados and curious beginners alike with our amazing selection.

Sur La Table Thermometers

Exclusively ours

Our versatile thermometers measure surface and internal temperatures quickly and efficiently. Our infrared sensor thermometers use precise technology that allows you to get a fast reading of the surface temperature, with a probe attached to let you check internal temps.


Meticulously accurate tools

Taylor is renown for meticulous instruments chefs around the world depend on. As a leader in accurate measuring kitchen accessories, Taylor has a reputation for quality and performance. Both consumers and professionals have trusted these products since 1851.

Things Cooks Love™

Well-made kitchen essentials

Authentic in their workmanship, beautiful in their shape and dependable in their performance, our Things Cooks Love collection is handcrafted to perform the most important tasks in the kitchen. These are the tools cooks need. These are the Things Cooks Love.

Totally Bamboo

The sustainable alternative

Totally Bamboo is dedicated in using sustainable wood for all their products because it not only performs beautifully, it’s good for the environment. 16% harder than maple and with a tensile strength superior to steel, bamboo makes an ideal surface for cutting boards and more.

William Bounds

Quality mills at a great value

Elegant, sophisticated and crafted with the highest standards, William Bounds mills are constructed to provide uncompromising value. Their premier pepper mills evenly crush peppercorns rather than grinding, thus inspiring their ability to last for generations of use.


High-quality Swiss made tools

Known for their legendary durability, quality and engineering, Zyliss tools are made of only the finest materials, using the most modern production methods. Each Zyliss product is precision made and undergoes stringent inspection before being introduced to the market.


Food-Grade Plastic

Safe for the dishwasher, food-grade plastic is a durable material that won't react with food. Plastic tools are essential when working with nonstick cookware as they won't scratch or damage the delicate interior coating like stainless steel tools will.


Melamine can withstand the daily rigors of kitchen use. It cleans up quickly and easily in the dishwasher, making it a popular choice. Often available in fun colors, it's a great choice for those wanting to brighten up the kitchen. Health conscious chefs will appreciate BPA-free melamine.


Silicone is flexible, yet resilient, making it the perfect material for spatulas and turners. Because silicone can withstand high temperatures, you can use silicone spatulas for either cold foods or hot pans. It's safe for the dishwasher and nonstick cookware and it won't absorb flavors or odors.

Stainless Steel

The best part about stainless steel is that it will not rust or react to food. It's incredibly durable and safe for the dishwasher. From mixing bowls to serving utensils to prep tools, stainless steel is found in a variety of tools and is the choice material of many chefs because of longevity and stellar performance in the kitchen.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has wonderful durability. It cleans up well in the dishwasher and is safe to use in the microwave and freezer. This material is favored for mixing bowls and food storage as it will not absorb odors, is resistant to stains and allows you to see the contents in the container.


Cooks love wooden utensils for their aesthetic appeal and sturdy construction. This versatile material is great for cooking or serving and can be used with nonstick cookware because it won't damage the cooking surface. Wood has high heat resistance so you can even use it for sautéing.


Tools of the Trade

The Right Kitchen Tools Change Everything

Tools and gadgets are much more than kitchen trinkets—they’re indispensable timesavers. Let us help you get a quick understanding of what they do and how they’ll serve you so you can add the right ones to your registry.

What’s for Dinner?

To help you discover what you’ll need, make a list of the kinds of foods you like to prepare and look for favorite ingredients or themes that require the most preparation. Are you a garlic lover? Make sure you register for a garlic press or chopper. Look for specialty tools made for specific tasks that you like to do.

Free Your Mind

Tools are more than spoons and spatulas. From everyday essentials to innovative specialty tools to simplify every task, there is much to explore. And if comfort is a priority, we have many tools that are ergonomically designed for exceptional ease of use.

Size Up Space

If you don’t have much storage room, then you’ll want to register for items that save space, such as nesting measuring cups or gadgets that fold or collapse. Also, look for stackable containers that will keep your liquids, dry goods and leftovers fresh while freeing up more storage area.

Your Cookware Material Matters

Register for the combination of cookware and tools that’s right for you. Keep in mind that with some nonstick cookware, it’s better to avoid metal tools because of its more delicate surface. Register for some plastic, wood or silicone tools too.

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