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A Baker's Resource

The right bakeware isn't only crucial to baked goods, it's an essential at the root of any functional kitchen. Even if you're not an avid baker, you'll need excellent bakeware for roasting, broiling and more.

Bench Scraper

This tool is used to scrape dough bits from the pastry board, transfer dough from one place to another, and cut dough into pieces.

Citrus Zester

Creates fine shreds from the outer layer of citrus peel used as a flavoring in recipes requiring citrus zest.

Pastry Bags and Tips

Cone-shaped pastry bags are used with pastry tips to pipe decorative boarders of frosting and portion batters and dough.

Pastry Board

A large slab of marble or wood with small rubber feet that can be chilled to conveniently keep pastry dough cool while rolling it.

Pastry Blender

Handy for quickly cutting butter into dry ingredients for biscuit or pie dough. Choose one that's comfortable in your hand.

Pastry Brushes

These small brushes are used to brush flour from dough during rolling, and to apply glaze. Bristles should be soft and flexible.

Bearing Rolling Pin

Ball bearing pins have handles that bear your weight to help roll dough quickly and evenly. Handles should fit comfortably in your hands.

Dowel Rolling Pin

A slender pin with no handles, the dowel variety offers precise control and lets you feel the dough more closely.

Silicone Baking Mats

These wonderfully nonstick mats are an excellent way to eliminate the need to line pans with parchment paper.

Sauce Whisks

A sauce whisk's narrow head and stout wires blends mixtures and whisks out any lumps without incorporating air.

Balloon Whisk

A balloon whisk adds air to mixtures with its many wires and spherical shape; whips egg whites or cream into a fluffy mountain.

Baking Sheets

Cookie sheets are rimless, while baking sheets have raised edges. Professionals use heavy-duty aluminum sheets for everything.

Baking Racks

Slide cookies right from baking sheets onto these wire cooling racks that allow your baked goods to cool quickly and efficiently.

Loaf Pans

These are classics in the kitchen, used for yeast breads and quick breads. It’s helpful to have sizes for large and small loaves.

Layer Cake Pans

Round or square, with perfectly straight sides that make layering and frosting easier. Keep multiple sizes on hand.

Springform Cake Pan

Used for cheesecakes, streusel-topped cake or cakes that would be damaged by turning them upside down to remove from the pan.

Tube Pan

A tube conducts heat through the center of the deep pan, which insures the cake bakes evenly. Angel food is a common variety.

Ceramic Baking Dishes

Both round and rectangular dishes are perfect for baking fruit crisps, cobblers, crumbles and bread pudding to go from oven to table.

Cookie Cutters

Essential for quickly cutting rolled cookie dough into fun shapes, cookie cutters are perfect for sugar cookies.

Cookie Press

A cookie press easily pipes beautifully shaped cookies out of a hollow tube with a decorative plate on the end.

Cupcake and Muffin Pans

These pans are used for muffins and cupcakes, but also make popovers, dinner rolls, tartlets and other treats.

Pastry Bags

A frosting-filled bag fitted with any of a variety of tips. Just squeeze to create decorative designs on cakes, cupcakes and cookies and more.

Icing Spatulas

Available in various lengths with long, thin flexible blades make it easy to smoothly apply frosting to the top and sides of cakes.

Cake Stand

Wonderful for presentation of freshly baked cakes on any occasion, elevates and showcases your creation to your guests.

Measuring Spoons

The best measuring spoons have straight rims to allow easy leveling of ingredients and are oval or rectangular to fit into spice jars.

Dry Measuring Cups

Look for cups with straight edges for easy leveling. Two sets can help avoid washing a cup when working with multiple ingredients.

Liquid Measuring Cup

These are made of glass or transparent plastic so you can see through the cup for accurate measuring.


Easily measures ingredients for perfect accuracy. Look for a model that measures in 1/4-oz. increments and has a tare button.

Mixing & Prep Bowls

A baker will need at least small, medium and large bowls, two of each is better. Very small and extra-large bowls are also useful.


Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, a versatile way to shape treats from chocolate and candy to cookies, cakes and more.

Pie Dishes

Glass allows you to see when the crust is browned. Earthenware or ceramic conduct heat beautifully to create the best crusts.

Tart Pans

The most common choice of tart pan is shiny, tin-lined, removable-bottom pans with fluted edges in a range of sizes.


These small souffle dishes are great for baking bread pudding or individual portions of crisps and cobblers for guests.


A soufflé will almost always rise properly if baked in a deep, straight-sided, round baking dish with ridges on the sides.



An American family-owned company

Sample the extraordinary array of baking pans, cutters, and decorating tools from Ateco, one of the country’s first and premier baking and decorating supply manufacturers. If it’s for baking, Ateco makes it with the highest quality and standards for four generations.

Chicago Metallic

Baking gear you can count on

High-performance, nonstick bakeware. Bakeware collection features folded corners and thick, reinforced rolled edges to prevent warping. Many pieces feature the Ifalon nonstick finish, which won’t chip or peel, and is 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick coatings.

Fat Daddio’s

Quality bakeware at a great value

Crafted from hard aluminum and anodized for safety and durability, everything from Fat Daddio’s is guaranteed to last for generations. Professional non-stick release coatings ensure your baked goods easily slide out of molds and pans.


Fine pastry molds from France

For over five generations Gobel has been crafting pastry molds beloved by pastry chefs around the world. Their line of comprehensive mold shapes including tart, tartlets, milasson, savarin and brioche – Gobel is a trusted expert at all things pastry.

Le Creuset Stoneware

Oven-to-table versatility

Bake, slice and serve using versatile stoneware. Le Creuset’s virtually non-porous stoneware is no exception to the superior workmanship found in every piece of Le Creuset cookware—fired at 2156°, it has unmatched strength and durability.

Nordic Ware

Classic American bakeware

A full range of nonstick bakeware, with an exceptional selection of cake pans and beautiful, novelty bundt pans. All the classics shapes are well represented, from shortbread molds to cathedral Bundt pans and even a checkerboard cake pan.


Finest quality porcelain bakeware

Pretty and practical, Revol porcelain is fired at high temperatures creating a smooth, non-porous finish that’s easy to clean and resistant to stains, chips and scratches. Safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer, Revol is a favorite choice among discerning bakers.

Sur La Table Nonstick Bakeware

Exclusively ours

Our nonstick bakeware collection features premium-gauge steel construction with removable red silicone grips that allow for slip-free transport and easy cleaning. Perfect for the novice or accomplished baker, this attractive bakeware will provide consistent results for years to come.

Sur La Table Platinum Professional Bakeware

Made in the U.S.A. exclusively for us

Developed in Pittsburgh, PA, by USA Pan, our commercial-quality professional bakeware meets the highest standards for performance and durability. Made of thick, aluminized steel with an eco-friendly nonstick silicone coating, each piece is constructed with the same features found in the best pans in the industry.

Sur La Table Porcelain Bakeware

Only at Sur La Table

Our exclusive porcelain collection is fired at high temperatures for a smooth, exceptionally non-porous surface. Each piece is easy to clean and resistant to stains, chips, crazing and scratches.


Professional quality decorating & baking tools

Let your imagination soar and your decorating talents flourish with the help of the creative minds of Wilton. Add shimmering color to cakes, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. Create showstopping cakes, decorate desserts gorgeously and dress up canapés handsomely.



Aluminum is the best conductor of heat in bakeware and professionals prefer it. It heats quickly, creating appealing golden-brown crusts; then holds the heat steadily for even baking and cools quickly when removed from the oven. Some aluminum pans are coated with a layer of stainless steel for beauty and cleaning efficiency.

Glass and Ceramic

Although they don’t conduct heat as well, they’re very attractive and great for baking desserts such as fruit crisps, cobblers and crumbles, bread pudding and baklava. The advantage of glass pie pans is that they can be very helpful in judging the doneness of a crust. Ceramic is often available in a variety of colors to match kitchen decor.


The nonstick coating is good for helping release baked goods, though you will still need to prepare the pan as directed in the recipe's instructions to guarantee easy removal. Be careful not to cut cakes and breads in nonstick pans, or you can scrape the finish. For best results, make sure the material under the coating is aluminum or aluminum blend.

Dark or Black Pans

Dark pans absorb and retain heat well, which can cause edges and crusts to brown–or burn–more quickly than desired. If baking with dark pans, watch very carefully and note the pastries may be done sooner than the recipe indicates.


Very popular for its easy-release, flexible silicone bakeware is great for shaping frozen desserts, miniature cakes and mousse-layered pastries. It's perfect for pastries that are difficult to remove from traditional pans such as madeleines and caneles. For best results, prepare the silicone with a thin coating of butter and dusting of flour.


The Baker's Kitchen

The Perfect Tools for Sweet and Savory Favorites

The right bakeware is a versatile essential at the root of any functional kitchen. Even if you’re not an avid baker, you’ll need quality bakeware for roasting, broiling and more.

A Versatile Tool

Bakeware is for so much more than just sweets. Roasting potatoes, broiling fish, baking lasagna and countless other jobs—the right bakeware adds an extra dimension to your options in the kitchen. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a baker, think about cooking skills you’d like to develop in the future, too.

Take Stock

If you already own some bakeware, consider what features you like and dislike. Maybe you really like the heat conductivity of your aluminum bakeware but wish they were easier to clean. In that case, consider adding some nonstick. Remember, this is the perfect time to register for a world-class bakeware collection and to retire pieces that have seen better days.

What’s in Your Oven?

For your registry, consider what you enjoy baking most. Review favorite recipes and take note of the sizes and shapes of bakeware they call for. Maybe you don’t consider yourself much of a baker but you love roasting. And don’t forget the must-have tools to accompany your bakeware. Register for mixing bowls, cookie cutters, pastry brushes, and any specialty baking tools you’ll need.

Make Lasting Choices

Beginner or expert, you’ll want durable bakeware and baking tools to last through the years. Look for pieces crafted from heavy-duty aluminum or glazed ceramic that’s been fired at high temperatures for added durability. Stainless steel mixing bowls and measuring tools are time-tested favorites. Consider convenience – you may want dishwasher safe porcelain bakeware for faster cleanup. If you enjoy baking in large batches, double up on the pieces you use the most.

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