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The At Home Bar

Bring the experience of a night on the town home with your own stocked bar. Choosing glassware shapes and styles is fun and simple once you consider what you enjoy drinking and how you entertain.

Full to Medium Red Wine

A tall glass with large bowl that lets full bodied reds like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot breath and showcases rich aromas.

Soft, Light Red Wine

Designed for Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Chianti. A large, wide bowl directs wine to the tip of the tongue where you can taste the sweetness.

Full White Wine

Tall and straight to emphasize the bolder flavor of mature and full-bodied whites like Chardonnay, White Bordeaux and Viognier.

Soft, Light White Wine

For young, crisp whites. A slightly larger opening showcases the sweetness of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rosé, Riesling and Chablis.

Champagne Flute

A tall glass with a small mouth that allow bubbles in sparkling wines to move slowly and retain their effervescence.


In various shapes, a vessel for housing wine transferred from the bottle to help it breathe, eliminate sediment and add elegance.


Available in various shapes to heighten the appreciation and highlight the best qualities of your favorite beers from Pilsner to stout.


A versatile, straight-sided and flat-bottomed glass in various heights for cocktails, soft drinks and more.


An essential in various shapes, glass or ceramic, decorative or plain, for serving water, lemonade and other favorites at the table.


The long-stemmed, funnel-shaped cocktail glass most often associated with its namesake drink but used to serve a variety of cocktails “up.”

Double Old-Fashioned

Typically a 12-16 ounce tumbler, the double old fashioned cocktail glass is a time-tested shape perfect for mixed drinks and more.


A classic tall tumbler ideally suited to cocktails officially dubbed highballs, and a versatile way to serve classic refreshers like Long Island iced tea.


The perfect way to serve the summer classic of a refreshing blend of ice, tequila, lime and triple sec blended or on the rocks.

Brandy Snifter

A short-stemmed glass with a large, wide-bottomed bowl and a narrow top to capture and accentuate the aromas of good brandy.


An all-purpose shape ideal for water, iced tea, soda, juice, mixed drinks and lemonade with a round bowl to easily accommodates ice cubes.


An essential addition to any bar, this one ounce glass is useful for mixed drinks and serving liquors like whiskey for drinking neat.


Wine Aerator

Instantly adds air to your wine as you pour, allowing it to breath. Aeration enhances the aroma, flavor and finish of the wine.

Bar Spoon

A long-handled spoon that can easily reach the bottom of even tall glasses, used for mixing and layering drink ingredients.

Bottle Stopper

Sits in the spout of opened bottles of wine to keep air out so wine stays fresher for longer. Many have decorative tops.

Can and Bottle Opener

Releases bottle tops and punctures holes in cans. They're easy to misplace, so keep extras around.

Citrus Juicer

Easily and efficiently squeezes every drop of fresh juice from citrus, leaving behind seeds and pulp.

Citrus Zester

Creates fine shreds from the outer layer of citrus peel used as a flavoring in many cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Whisk

A long-handled tool for mixing cocktail ingredients. The small whisk aids in quick, thorough mixing.


Often available as a multitool with foil cutter and bottle opener, a basic wine steward’s corkscrew is indispensable.

Foil Cutter

Slices cleanly through the foil wrapped around the top of your wine, cider or Champagne bottle, leaving a neat edge for pouring.

Ice Bucket

An insulated bucket that holds ice for your drinks and can be kept at the bar for quick access.

Ice Tongs

Sharp teeth grasp onto ice cubes and let you easily place in cocktail glasses. Great for mixed drinks.


This classic bartender's tool measures out shots of liquor. Often comes in a double version to measure 1-ounce or 2-ounce shots.


A long pestle designed for releasing flavors by mashing fruits and herbs in cocktail glasses. A must for mojitos.

Cocktail Shaker

An essential for shaking certain cocktails so they mix perfectly. Available in all stainless steel or glass and stainless combinations.

Cocktail Strainer

Specially designed tool fits on the top of steel or glass shakers for the perfect pour without letting ice cubes through.

Wine Charms

Decorative charms that are clipped around the stem of wine glasses to identify each individual's glass and add a bit of flair.

Wine Chiller

More compact than a wine refrigerator, a chiller cools one or more bottles of wine to the ideal serving temperature.

Wine Pourer

Sits in the spout of the wine bottle and pours wine without dripping to keep your table or bar free from spills.

Wine Refrigerator

Stores and cools multiple bottles of wine at one time. Most keep wines chilled at their intended serving temperature.

Wine Storage Rack

Storage rack system holds and displays your bottles of wine until they are ready for serving.

Wine Vacuum

Extracts the air out of opened bottles of wine and creates a vacuum seal so that wine stays fresher for longer.


Wine Glasses: The Choice is Clear

No matter what size or shape wine glass you choose, you’ll want to go with clear glass. Opaque or tinted styles mask the wine’s true color and make it difficult to see how it behaves in the glass when swirled.

Base Barware on Your Drink Preferences

When stocking your bar, opt for glasses and tools that will help you make your favorite concoctions. If you like red wine with dinner, get a few extra red wine glasses to allow for the occasional broken bowl or stem. And consider your guests’ tastes, as well. If they tend to choose beer over wine, be prepared with the appropriate glassware.

Essential Tools for Your Home Bar

You can’t make the best mojitos on the block without a muddler or serve a fine Pinot Noir without a decanter to let it breathe. Bar tools and accessories are just as important as the glassware itself. Home bartenders will want to stock their bar with a shaker, strainer, muddler, jigger, bottle opener and ice tongs. Wine lovers will find a decanter, a good corkscrew, bottle stoppers and wine storage racks indispensable.

An Ice Bucket Elevates Your Party

An ice bucket with tongs adds a sophisticated touch to any get together. It eliminates countless trips to the freezer and encourages folks not to stick their fingers in the communal ice. You’ll find a variety of styles to fit your taste and budget. Anything beats making do with the commonly used plastic mixing bowl.

How to Store Your Bar Supplies

It’s best to keep all your bar supplies – glasses, tools, and liquor – together in one place. No need to go searching for a stray corkscrew or a missing muddler. Pick a cabinet or closet where they’ll be protected from sunlight and extreme temperatures. And, of course, be sure to stash alcohol in a place children can’t access.

Great Cocktails are Shaken, Not Stirred

Whether you’re serving martinis or Manhattans, you need a good cocktail shaker. You’ll find them in two styles: the popular three-piece, which includes a strainer and jigger lid and the Boston shaker, which features a stainless steel shaker and mixing glass. Professionals prefer the versatility of the Boston shaker, but either style is a welcome addition to your bar.

Do Your Cocktails Measure Up?

To make a balanced, delicious cocktail you have to watch the proportions. That’s why a jigger is as essential to bartending as measuring cups are to baking. The most popular style is a double jigger, which measures one and two ounce shots. But if you’re making pitchers or punch, a traditional glass measuring cup is more efficient.


A Toast To Glassware

Create the Perfect Collection

Register for the right tools and stylish glassware and you may discover your new favorite cocktail lounge is right in your living room.

What’ll You Have?

The drinks you order out will most likely be the drinks you’ll make at home. Register for glasses and tools that will help you make your favorite concoctions. If you like red wine with dinner, register for extra red wine glasses to allow for the occasional broken bowl or stem. And consider your guests’ tastes when registering. If they tend to choose beer over wine, you should be prepared.

The More the Merrier

We recommend you register for 12-14 of the more commonly used glasses (wine, highball, double old-fashioned) and 6-8 of those used less frequently (margarita, beer, brandy). Of course you’ll need to adjust your collection according to the size of your events. If you serve multiple wines at dinner parties, get enough to change glasses mid-course.

Choose your Style

Do you host casual or formal events? Are you more modern or traditional? Will you be using your glassware for special occasions only or everyday? Register for the glassware that suits your taste.

Tools Complete the Bar

You can’t make the best mojitos on the block without a muddler, or serve a fine Pinot Noir without a decanter to let it breathe. Bar tools and accessories are just as important as the glassware itself. Your registry is a wonderful chance to customize your bar to your liking.

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