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Kitchen Helpers

We have a great collection of helpful kitchen electrics, all designed to take the hassles out of cooking and entertaining. The exciting part is discovering the ones that are a perfect fit for you.


A kitchen workhorse available in models with the power, speeds, design and material to help you blend, puree, crush ice and more.

Food Processor

Chop, slice, grate, puree, whip and shred. Some models of this ultra-versatile kitchen helper even knead dough.

Grill & Panini Press

A hinged indoor grill that cooks meats and fish and toasts panini on both sides simultaneously, or opens flat for a versatile griddle.

Ice Cream Maker

From traditional to fully automatic machines that allow you to add ingredients and walk away for quick and easy homemade ice cream.


A must if you love fresh squeezed juice daily. From carrots to apples, make quick work of juicing fruits and vegetables.

Hand Mixer

The electric handheld mixer is convenient for smaller jobs, such as whipping cream, beating butter and sugar and more.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer with a powerful motor, good capacity and attachments is a must for making bread, cakes and cookies.


Electric teakettles are not only great for tea drinkers; they are great for boiling water when cooking with minimal stovetop space.


Choose two or four-slice models with wide slots and extra features like auto-lift and defrost depending on counter space.

Toaster Oven

If you have room and you like toasted muffins and thick baguette slices, consider the more versatile toaster oven.

Waffle Iron

Modern electric irons cook the top and bottom of the waffle simultaneously. Nonstick coating allows the waffles to lift right off.

Immersion Blender

A versatile handheld tool with a long shaft that lets you blend and mix in bowls and pots, often with attachments for other functions.

Induction Burner

An energy efficient way to supplement your stovetop, it heats only the cookware, giving off no heat of its own.


Available in burr or blade varieties, an indispensable tool for grinding coffee beans for the freshest possible brew.

Slow Cooker

A large electric pot that provides low, steady heat allowing unattended cooking of roasts, stews and more.

Bread Maker

A simple and automatic way to bake delicious breads, bread makers mix ingredients into dough and bake all in one unit.

Rice Cooker

Available in ultra-simple to highly programmable models, an automatic way to get perfect rice every time with little supervision.

Knife Sharpener

Electric knife sharpeners make it easy to quickly and effortlessly restore a flawless edge to your cutlery.

Soda Maker

Lets you make crisp sparkling water and delicious soda at home in seconds. Handy reusable bottles reduce waste.



Nobody has more than us

For more than 60 years, Breville has been a maker of ingenious, ultra durable kitchen electrics that are built to last. Their revolutionary innovations continue today with high-performance food processors, blenders, dairy bars, yogurt makers, waffle irons and more.


Great design at a great value

Chef’sChoice sharpeners receive worldwide recognition for their quality and superior performance. With a passion for creating useful tools for home cooks, Chef’sChoice offers a multitude of small kitchen appliances that are known for their quality design and enduring value.


Masters of all things culinary

Nobody covers the kitchen like Cuisinart, with a wide array of products preferred by professional chefs and home cooks alike. The prestigious brand has branched out beyond food processors as they make some of the finest products found in kitchens around the globe.


Premium Italian design without a premium price

Premium Italian design without a premium price Founded in Italy over a century ago, DeLonghi has never abandoned the craftsman’s ethic, gaining a reputation for simple design excellence with unique home appliances—from automatic espresso machines to toaster ovens—that set standards for innovation and value.


Makers of the most iconic and beloved mixer

KitchenAid has spent decades creating innovative products for the well-equipped kitchen. From commercial-grade cooktops and stand mixers to an impressive assortment of cookware, bakeware and accessories, KitchenAid offers virtually every culinary essential you could need.


Smart design at a great value

Compact, powerful, well-designed kitchen electronics are the hallmarks of world-renowned Krups. Through the years, Krups, has created a multitude of highly desirous, state of the art products including coffee makers and high-quality espresso machines.


Ironing made easier

Manufacturer of some of the world’s best, most technologically advanced irons for over 130 years, Rowenta is the world’s largest producer of irons. They launched the first steam iron in 1957, an innovation that would change garment care forever.


Fresh soda in seconds

Enjoy refreshing sparkling water and soda by itself or as a foundation for cocktails. Stop lugging and storing heavy, bulky bottles, and save money while you help protect the environment. Machine helps reduce bottle and can waste by over 90%.

Vitamix Professional Blenders

High performance blenders

Vitamix is famous for creating blenders that go far beyond what you traditionally expect a blender would be capable of. For more than 90 years, this family-owned company in Ohio has been creating only the highest quality equipment for commercial and home use.

Wine Enthusiast

Masters of all things wine

Preserve your best bottles, and keep them optimally cool with storage solutions from Wine Enthusiast. Each of their wine accessories is fabricated from the finest materials, built to protect your investment and enhance your drinking pleasure.


Synonymous with innovation and quality

Zojirushi uses cutting-edge technology to produce innovative products. This remains the heart of their corporate philosophy today. From rice cookers, bread makers, coffeemakers and electric water boilers, Zojirushi continues to build upon their heritage of excellence.


Make Bread Dough Like a Pro With A Stand Mixer

A heavy-duty stand mixer is a great appliance for making bread dough. You can use the dough hook for both mixing and kneading. If the dough isn’t coming together with the dough hook, switch over to the paddle attachment and mix just until the ingredients are combined, then switch back to the dough hook.

Which Mixer Works Best: Stand or Handheld?

While stand mixers are the gold standard for professional cooks, often a handheld works just fine. Use a handheld for whipping cream, making meringue, mashing potatoes or beating butter and sugar for the occasional batch of cookies. For heavy-duty jobs, such as creaming butter and sugar for cakes, mixing big batches of cookie dough, or kneading bread dough, a stand mixer is both more efficient and convenient.

Immersion Blenders: Less Stress, Less Mess

Skip the mess of pouring foods back and forth between a blender and a bowl and use an immersion blender. It works right in the bowl or pot, pureeing soups and dips, making smoothies and milk shakes, and whipping up salad dressings. Consequently, clean up is a breeze. Cordless model immersion blenders are even more convenient.

How To Choose A Blender

Think about how you intend to use the blender before deciding what power, speeds, design, and material suits you. For example, not all blenders are powerful enough to crush ice or pulverize carrot chunks. A plastic jar is lighter than a glass jar. A metal container eliminates viewing, but it is the sturdiest of the three materials.

Open Up Your Stove Top

Finding room on the stove top to simmer stock for hours is often difficult. With an electric hot plate, you can move the cooking to another room of the house altogether. This is especially helpful when making a beef stock that needs to simmer for 8 hours or more. It's also great when making a large meal for a dinner party and need an extra burner.

Use A Blender For Liquids

It is best to use a blender versus a food processor for some tasks that include a lot of liquid, such as pureeing soups or making frozen drinks, smoothies, or vinaigrettes, because liquid can seep through the central hole in the processor bowl. Save the food processor for jobs that involve chopping or grinding whole foods.

Slow Cookers: A Must For The Busy Chef

A slow cooker cooks foods at very low temperatures to extend the cooking time. Cooks who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen will appreciate this popular appliance for its convenience of not having to be at home while the meal cooks. Just place your ingredients in the cooker and it cooks your meal for you.

Get Your Precise Temperature With An Electric Tea Kettle

With hundreds of teas available, you should use a range of water temperatures to prepare them. Using an electric kettle will ensure the perfect temperature every time. Black teas should be prepared with rapidly boiling water. Oolong teas are ideally made with water at about 190°F. Green teas taste best with water at 160°F.

Double Up On Grinders

A coffee grinder grinds coffee beans, but it can also grind spices. Like coffee beans, the flavors of spices are at their peak when freshly ground. To avoid transferring flavors, outfit your kitchen with two grinders: one for coffee and one for spices. For best results, choose a spice and nut grinder. The blades are specifically designed for that purpose.

An Easy Way to Mince Garlic

To mince garlic, fit your food processor bowl with the metal blade. With the processor running, drop the peeled garlic cloves through the feed tube. The minced garlic will collect on the sides of the work bowl.

How To Clean Your Spice Grinder

Ground spices will leave their flavor and aroma behind in the grinder. To clean the grinder, add a handful of raw rice to the canister (granulated sugar works, too) and grind until powdery. The rice will absorb the residual spices as it is pulverized. Toss out the ground rice, and use a dry pastry brush to remove any remaining powder in the canister.

Determining Your Ideal Rice Cooker Size

Rice cookers are wonderful appliances. Choose a larger rice cooker if you plan on eating rice multiple times a day or need lots of servings. If you only want enough rice for dinner, buy a small-capacity model. Or, use a medium-capacity model, and use the leftover rice for another meal, perhaps turning it into fried rice or adding it to soup.


Electric Decisions

The Best of Small Appliances

Electrics are perhaps the most alluring part of registering for gifts. They’re the fun, bright and shiny toys that can take a task that requires a great deal of labor and finish it in no time with minimal effort.

Electric Personality

We think every personality has a perfect mix of electrics to match. Morning person: espresso maker, coffeemaker, waffle maker, toaster and electric griddle. Baker: hand or standup mixer and attachments, blender and food processor. Health nut: food processor, electric grill, Vitamix, juicer and teakettle. Entertainer: blender, espresso maker, ice cream maker, wine refrigerator and slow cooker. Cook: food processor, blender, countertop oven, hand mixer, induction burner and sous vide oven.

Style Matters

Choose complementary colors and styles for electrics you plan to put on your countertop. These are things that you’ll see every day—of course you’ll want them to look great together.

Cooking by Numbers

If you entertain or frequently make large meals, innovative appliances will help you do more at once and maximize space in the kitchen. If you cook on a smaller scale, smaller appliances save time and conserve energy.


you’ve had since college or a food processor that doesn’t have the features you need. This is the time to lose the appliances that no longer work for you and register for exactly what you want.

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