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At the market this month: Corn

Grilled, roasted, creamed or steamed, fresh corn packs sweet summery sunshine into every bite. Here, you’ll find ideas for how to prepare it, plus tips for selecting and storing fresh corn.


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How to Select and Store Corn

Choose corn that’s still in the husk and make sure those husks are bright green and tight. You’ll also want to ensure that the silk is lightin color and moist. Dry, black silk means the corn is past its prime. If you can avoid it, don’t peel back the husk to peek at the corn. Instead, press gently through the husk to check that the kernels are firm.

Fresh corn should be eaten the day it’s purchased. If you need to store it, don’t remove the husks. It’ll keep in the
fridge, uncovered, up to two days.

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