Cooking Scrappy: 100 Recipes to Help You Stop Wasting Food, Save Money and Love What You Eat

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From the food-stoked star of the A&E series Scraps and the National Chef of Sur La Table comes a groundbreaking cookbook that reshapes the way you look at ingredients and makes the most out of every resource in the kitchen. This 275-page book features 150 color photographs and 100 ingenious recipes that expand your mind, the way you cook and how you live.

Joel Gamoran dives into the kitchen, changing expectations, not just about how to use all ingredients to their max, but how to make the most of every resource in your kitchen. Flip over that cast-iron skillet for a stellar pizza stone. Don’t throw away those apple cores, shrimp shells, or leftover pickle juice—Transform them into mouthwatering meals, such as Apple Core Butter Roasted Duck, Shrimp Shell Chowder, or Pickle Juice Brined Pork Chops.

Think outside of the box and learn to be creative when it comes to making food. Resourcefulness is an essential part of cooking. Gamoran’s experiences in culinary schools and as a professional chef have taught him that everything in the kitchen can and should be used. His relaxed laid-back tone tackles a serious subject. It embraces a lifestyle that eliminates waste, helps the environment, and enables home cooks to stretch their food budgets.

Cooking Scrappy saves you money, helps to save the planet, and ups your cooking game. Joel stands for the bruised, the forgotten, and the back of the fridge. Will you stand with him?

Watch season 2 of Scraps to learn more about turning food waste into impressive dishes
  • Publisher: Harper Wave
  • Hardcover: 275 pages
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.875" x 9.5" x 0.875"