Baking Sheets & Cooling Grids

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Baking sheets are great not only for cookies, sheet cakes or other desserts, but also for roasting vegetables or creating sheet pan meals like steak fajitas or baked fish. Quality baking sheets and cooling grids like the ones we sell at Sur La Table have a huge variety of uses and can become some of the most important parts of your cookware repertoire. A baking sheet that is fitted with a wire cooling rack is great for cooling foods or for draining fried foods to maintain their crispiness.

Nonstick Cooling Rack Sets

When the kids come running to get their share of the fresh-baked cookies you just made, you'll sometimes have to warn them that they're still too hot to eat. But they'll feel encouraged and might even be more patient when they see the tasty cookies cooling on a great cooling rack like one from Sur La Table. We have reasons you need a cookie rack, too. The USA Pan Half Sheet Nonstick Pan and Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack Set is ideal for those who want to effectively cool baked goods fresh from the oven. This cooling rack's cross wire design and raised feet elevates the cookies or bread so that you get uniform cooling. The accompanying baking pan has a nonstick coating that contains no PTFEs or PFOAs, or nasty man-made chemicals that aren't good for you.

Baking Sheet Pans

  • Reinforced rims to prevent warping
  • Locally sourced materials since 1946
  • Even, consistent heat provided by aluminum bakeware

Made in the USA, this heavy-duty baking pan will turn out perfectly golden-brown baked goods every time for your family to enjoy.