Specialty Bakeware

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Sur La Table’s selection of specialty bakeware allows you to experiment in the kitchen with new and exciting recipes. With baking molds for cookies, cakes and more, it’s easy to create sweet treats that your family and friends will love. Whether you’re creating snacks for a special event or you simply want to test your abilities as a home chef with a new baking challenge, you’re sure to get inspired by these specialty bakeware options. Browse through our complete collection to find baking sheets, pans, molds and more from some of the top bakeware brands.

How to Make Madeleines, Flan and More

Some of the most delicate and irresistible desserts require distinctive baking tools. If you plan to make one of these treats, you’ll need specialty baking molds that will shape your batter or dough correctly. For example, madeleines have a unique shell-like shape. This isn’t created with any sort of cookie cutter, however. Instead, you need a madeleine pan that contains shallow depressions in which the batter cooks. This same process applies to other delicious baked goods like doughnuts and even hot dog buns. For desserts like flan, a ring is used to achieve perfectly smooth sides and a round shape. By using the correct pan or mold, you can create these specialty desserts with ease in the comfort of your home kitchen.

The Best Bakeware Brands

In this collection, you’ll find baking molds and pans from some of the most trusted names in baking. Silpat and Lékué are both known for their inventive silicone cookware that’s easy to use and completely nonstick. For heavy-duty, professional-grade bakeware made from aluminized steel, check out our products from USA Pan. Find high-quality bakeware for specialty recipes when you shop online at Sur La Table.