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Outfit your kitchen with baking equipment that’s timeless and naturally beautiful when you shop this Mason Cash collection at Sur La Table. With a variety of designs and sizes from which to choose, this line of earthenware bowls has a classic look and a durable design. These bowls celebrate the handmade feel of home-baked creations. At the same time, Mason Cash bowls are elegant enough to display right on your countertops or dinner table, so they instantly add a warm, inviting feel to your space. Learn more about the kitchen pottery products from Mason Cash and check out the full collection available on our site.

Benefits of Earthenware Mixing Bowls
Mason Cash has specialized in making high-quality earthenware bowls for the kitchen since the early 1800s. Although there many different types of bowl materials have become popular since then, such as stainless steel bowls, there are a few unique benefits of working with earthenware baking tools that makes Mason Cash a smart choice for any home baker. The pottery is chip-resistant and features an incredibly sturdy and durable material, making them a long-lasting choice that won’t need to be replaced any time soon. In addition, earthenware is incredibly versatile, so it’s safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven. The patterned exterior also makes these bowls easier to grip.

Beautiful Mixing Bowls

In addition to being practical in the kitchen, Mason Cash mixing bowls also act as a decorative element in your home. The beautiful designs, such as Mason Cash’s original Cane pattern, makes it attractive as well, looking much warmer and more rustic compared to some other styles of mixing bowls. As a result, these bowls can be used for timeless décor, like displaying a bowl of fruits on your kitchen counter or dining room table. Choose from a variety of lovely colors and sizes to suit your needs when you shop for Mason Cash bowls at Sur La Table.