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Silpat muffin and cake silicone molds
Built for Baking
Reinvent your baking routine with flexible molds and mats that deliver bakery-quality results every time.

Make home baking as easy as possible with the help of these Silpat baking tools from Sur La Table. Made with a unique silicone material, Silpat mats and molds are some of the most popular products used by today’s home bakers. Thanks to the smooth surfaces, these bakeware products make it possible to achieve professional baking results at home. If you’re ready to see your favorite baked goods turn out better than ever or experiment with some new recipes, check out this collection of Silpat products on our site.

Advantages of Using Silicone Bakeware
There is a reason that silicone baking products like those made by Silpat. This unique material assists in even baking, so you get better results each time you put something in the oven. It also releases easily, which is especially helpful when you need to bake something in a mold. You don’t even have to grease your molds to enjoy this benefit; the baked goods will come out perfectly without breaking every time. Silpat products are also easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Silpat also goes the extra mile by using a unique process that includes layers of silicone and finished edges to ensure that each of their high-quality bakeware products is durable and long-lasting.

Popular Silpat Products

It’s easy to make all kinds of delicious baked goods when you have the right Silpat baking tools on hand. Some of the most popular products made by this trusted brand are its baking mats, which can be used to make everything from delicious cookies to sponge cakes. If you’re looking for baking molds, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Silpat product. While Silpat muffin molds are especially popular, their molds for Madeleines, mini loafs, tartelettes and more are just as effective. Get better baking results and easier cleanup by choosing Silpat bakeware from Sur La Table.