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Baking is often a family tradition that brings people together for conversation and fun in the kitchen. From main dishes to colorfully decorated cookies, you'll get the best results for all your baking efforts with Sur La Table Bakeware. You can Make More and Gather Often with bakeware that treats your ingredients with care. You take the time and trouble to buy the best flour, butter, seasonings and baking decorations, so let your bakeware complement all the work you do. You'll get a reputation for being the provider of truly wonderful baked goods all over your town.

Top of the Line Dutch Ovens

A reliable Dutch oven is such an important part of a bakeware collection. When you find one that you love, it becomes an old favorite that you want to keep forever. The quality of your bakeware can make or break your dish, and this is especially true of a Dutch oven because the material it's made of, the fit of the lid, and other factors influence how the dish turns out. The Le Creuset Signature Round 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven is the kind of Dutch oven that will become an old friend. Constructed of enameled cast iron, it has heavy-duty lids that give you a solid seal so that the heat and moisture needed to bake your dish to perfection will be kept inside.

Quality Baking Utensils

You need good utensils to function efficiently in your kitchen, and without them, baking and cooking become a troublesome chore rather than the fun endeavor they should be. Measure your spices with precision with the Sur La Table Set of 6 Spice Measuring Spoons made of stainless steel. These ergonomic measuring spoons are designed to be narrow enough to fit into small spice jars so that you do not have to awkwardly pour out the amount you need. It's little touches like this that make Sur La Table quality baking utensils so easy and convenient to use.