French Presses

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Create fresh, flavorful coffee each morning with the help of a French press coffee maker from Sur La Table. This collection of French presses and accessories includes a variety of quality products from top brands. Despite its simple design, a French press is capable of making coffee that’s just as delicious as that made by many of the most complicated coffee and espresso machines. The coffee grounds are steeped at the bottom before being pressed down by the plunger, a process that produces smooth, rich coffee in a matter of minutes. Learn more about French presses and check out our complete collection of these popular coffee makers.

How to Use a French Press

The Benefits of Using a French Press

French presses are often preferred by coffee connoisseurs because they allow for more customization when it comes to flavor. The pressing method used with French press coffee makers is beneficial because it allows the coffee to retain more of its natural oils, producing a more robust flavor. Users can experiment by trying different types and sizes of grounds, adding water at various temperatures and changing the length of time that the coffee grounds are steeped. It’s easy to adjust the amount of grounds as well to make single-serve French press coffee. French presses are also portable and require no electricity, giving you the chance to make coffee anywhere, even while camping. Check out our article for more information on how to use a French press.

The Best French Press Brands

Sur La Table offers plenty of options from top brands for those who want to use the press method to make their coffee. French presses from Le Creuset are made with colorful ceramic and have a charming, timeless look. For something with contemporary style, choose a stainless steel French press from Zwilling J.A. Henckels with a clear, double-wall design that allows you to see your coffee as it’s made. A copper Bodum Chambord features an eye-catching, vintage-inspired design. Shop now to find the perfect French press for your home.