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Coffee lovers, don’t settle for the same old cup of joe day after day. Instead, check out this collection of specialty coffee makers from Sur La Table to spice up your routine and enjoy new ways to enjoy your favorite roasts. You’ll love experimenting with new ways to make coffee and espresso. From stovetop espresso coffee pots to siphon coffee brewers, there are plenty of different devices to explore when you shop on our site. Learn more about these unique coffee-making techniques to find out which ones you might like to try.

Affordable Ways to Make Espresso at Home

When it comes to getting a boost of caffeine, nothing does the trick quite like espresso. Whether or not you have an espresso machine in your kitchen, there are other methods you can use to enjoy this classic beverage at home. A stovetop espresso maker is simple and portable, and the device is incredibly affordable as well. Another inexpensive espresso option can be made using air pressure and total-immersion brewing, which filters the grounds faster and cuts down on bitterness. Try one of these methods to make espresso at home whenever the craving strikes.

Unique Methods for Making Coffee

Traditional coffee makers are handy to have on hand, especially if you’re looking to brew up a big pot to share. But for a single cup completely customized to your tastes, you might like experimenting with other coffee-making gadgets. A cold-water coffee dripper can allow you to make full-flavored coffee concentrate for iced or hot coffee or even for using in recipes. See science at work with a vacuum brewing or siphon brewing method, both of which extract oils for an incredibly bright, clean-tasting cup of coffee. Discover exciting new ways to savor your favorite beverage with this collection of specialty coffee and espresso makers from Sur La Table.