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Find quality pots and pans for your kitchen when you shop for Ballarini cookware at Sur La Table. This collection of kitchen essentials combines expert Italian craftsmanship with superior performance and durability. These products are made with a variety of high-quality materials, including the brand’s signature cold-forged aluminum. Beautiful accents like brass handles add a stylish touch to each piece, making these items ideal options for a hanging cookware display. Begin browsing now to discover some of the most impressive pieces of reliable kitchen equipment from the Ballarini brand.

Made to Last

Ballarini cookware is made with the adventurous home chef in mind. If you love to experiment with recipes, try new flavors and host dinner parties, this cookware line is for you. Each pot or pan is made to deliver optimal performance with a variety of ingredients, whether it’s a sleek saucepan, a deep nonstick skillet, a professional-quality braising pan or a classic Dutch oven. Ballarini products are designed to bring out the best flavors in every dish while making it easier to tackle the tasks on your recipe to-do list.

Serve Up Something Special

Every Ballarini product is made in Italy, where the company was founded in 1889. Ballarini has developed a long-standing reputation for quality cookware that continues today with these modern pieces. Ballarini products have a stylish and elegant look. As a result, many home cooks bring these pots and pans directly to the dinner table to double as a beautiful serving piece. Upgrade your current cookware set by choosing from these Ballarini products at Sur La Table.