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de Buyer has been passionate about designing and manufacturing cooking tools for almost 200 years. de Buyer is renowned for its use of premium-quality materials to make its cookware, which is carefully handcrafted in France. de Buyer has a lot to offer, whether you’re a professional chef or a dedicated home cook. Keep reading to learn more about the brand.

Luxurious de Buyer Carbon Steel Cookware

de Buyer carbon steel pots and pans are a popular choice. Carbon steel is great for cooking because it is lightweight, a great heat conductor and easy to season. The de Buyer Mineral B skillet is made of carbon steel and is beloved by chefs around the world—plus, the Mineral B skillet can be used on gas, induction and electric stovetops. This popular skillet makes a great multi-purpose de Buyer carbon steel pan.

Copper Frying Pans, Stew Pans and More

Copper is also a great cooking material. Like carbon steel, it conducts heat quickly and evenly. In addition, many people love the striking appearance of copper cookware. Copper is an ideal choice for more delicate dishes in which you want to avoid the possibility of hot spots, which can lead to burning. Choose a de Buyer skillet, sauté pan or large stew pan in copper to cook everything from meats and vegetables to stews and sauces—using just the right amount of heat for the job. We even carry specialty copper de Buyer pans, such as jam pans.

If you have questions about what kind of cookware would be best for you, contact our expert staff at Sur La Table. Our company has been helping customers find the cooking essentials they need since 1972, and we know cookware.