Demeyere Atlantis

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The Meeting of Tradition and Technology

Since their humble beginning as a Belgian family business in 1908, Demeyere has evolved over the past 100 years to become a world-renowned manufacturer of stainless steel cookware. Always with an eye to improvement and innovation, Demeyere was the first to develop induction cookware in the 1970s.

Demeyere’s Atlantis Collection offers outstanding heat conductivity owing to its seven-ply clad construction. Combined with two types of state-of-the-art technology, TriplInduc and InductoSeal, this cookware provides superior heat distribution, effectively increasing the cooking surface of each piece. TriplInduc, a special combination of three alloys, is laser-welded to the base, which also incorporates InductoSeal, a 2mm layer of copper between two layers of silver, hermetically sealed in 18/10 stainless steel. Atlantis cookware performs superbly with all heat sources, including induction.

The gleaming silver-white color of Atlantis Cookware remains beautiful thanks to Demeyere’s proprietary Silvinox® finish, created through a series of electrochemical treatments that remove surface iron and impurities, the main causes of cookware discoloration over time. Silvinox®-finished Atlantis cookware also resists discoloration from fingerprints and heat, even at temperatures over 500°F.

Thoughtful, Chef-Friendly Design Details

Ever thoughtful with respect to design, Demeyere adds numerous chef-friendly details to Atlantis cookware. For example, their stainless steel Coolcast® handles, securely welded to each piece, provide safe, easy transport. Plus, specially shaped pouring rims minimize spills.

Enhance and upgrade your cooking exploits forever with the professional-level performance and durability of Atlantis Cookware from Demeyere.