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The cast iron craze is far from over. In fact, many people are more committed to this way of cooking than ever. If you’re looking to get quality cast iron cookware for your kitchen, Finex has some truly fantastic options. This brand has elevated cast iron pots and pans to premium status with their heavy-duty materials, chef-friendly features and stylish designs. These pieces are meant to last a lifetime, which is why they make a smart investment for any home kitchen. Discover the secret behind Finex’s success and why you should consider adding one of their cast iron skillets, grill pans, griddles or Dutch ovens to your cookware lineup.

American-Made Quality and Craftsmanship
Based in Portland, Oregon, Finex is made up of a team of designers, cooks and craftspeople who team up to create premium cast iron products. They wanted to make sure that the things that make antique cast iron so exceptional could be reproduced in new pieces. At the same time, they sought to cultivate a modern style that suits the tastes of today’s home chefs. The result is a line of cast iron cookware unlike what most cooks have seen before. You get all the benefits of cast iron cooking with a chic style you’ll be proud to put on display. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure exceptional durability and reliable performance.

Fantastic Features for Cast Iron Cooking
Many cast iron pots and pans today offer an ultra-minimalist design. Finex believes that cast iron can be just as beautiful, functional and exciting as any other cookware available today. One of the most innovative features you’ll find in this collection is the brand’s ergonomic “Speed Cool” handles made from stainless steel. Coiled like springs, the handles feel nice to the touch and temper heat cool off quickly, staying cool longer. The ultra-polished, pre-seasoned surfaces release foods easily. The distinctive octagonal skillet shape also makes for easy pouring and allows larger spatulas into the pan. Whether you’re steaming, simmering or searing, you’ll love the experience of cooking with Finex cast iron cookware.