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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with mixed berry cobbler and vanilla ice cream
An American Original
Buy it once, use it for life—timeless cast iron is up for anything, from oven and stovetop to grill or firepit. Handmade in the USA since 1896.

Rethink the way you cook with Lodge cast iron cookware from Sur La Table. This American brand has been providing heirloom-quality kitchen essentials for well over a century. Lodge’s cast iron pots and pans are some of the most durable and versatile cookware options on the market. These pieces feature all the amazing qualities of cast iron along with thoughtful designs that help the home cook achieve any cooking goal. If you’re ready to improve your recipes with better flavors and more consistent cooking, check out this collection of Lodge cast iron cookware for sale.

Made to Last a Lifetime

What’s so special about cast iron? If you haven’t tried cooking with this material yet, it’s time to embrace the power of cast iron. It holds heat well, which makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of cooking tasks, such as searing. It also has its own natural nonstick surface thanks to the seasoning, which only gets better as time goes on. Perhaps most importantly, cast iron cookware can be used for decades. Many families have Lodge cast iron pans which have been passed down through generations, connecting home cooks in a unique and inspiring way. If you’re looking for cookware with the best ratings for durability and versatility, choose cast iron cookware from Lodge.

Tackle Kitchen Tasks

In this collection of Lodge cookware, you’ll find a great selection of products to tackle any recipe step. A classic skillet is great for everything from cast iron burgers and steaks to desserts, while grill pans can be used to sear meats or veggies. Griddle pans are perfect for those homemade breakfasts, while a cast iron Dutch oven can help you make the perfect roast or cast iron bread. Don’t forget about Lodge accessories either, such as handle holders, cast iron brushes and glass lids. Shop at Sur La Table to find top-rated cast iron cookware from Lodge that’s made to last for life.